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Looking for TWP 101 Cedartone? We’ve Got It!

Interested in preserving and protecting your wood deck, fence or siding? At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we are excited to offer the complete line of Total Wood Preservative…otherwise known as TWP. And, the popular vote is given to TWP 101 Cedartone. This stain is available for all of your outdoor wood-preserving projects! Known in the […]

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Cordless Blinds: Safety and Simplicity

When it comes to your window treatments, their job is to add function, style, and comfort to your home. Do you have cordless blinds? If not, you probably understand the struggle of dealing with tangled cords–especially if you have little ones or pets in your home. There isn’t a convenient place to store cords, either, because […]

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What’s Hot in Neutrals? Go Greige.

Looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your home? We’ve chosen greige. Greige is the modern day balance of soft gray that picks up hints of beige for the ultimate in design versatility. Over the past few years, painting your home with gray has become a staple in home fashion. But, depending on the […]

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