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How To Fix Flooring Imperfections: Quick & Easy Repairs

Life happens. And when life happens to your wood floors, you end up with imperfections. Your toddler drags a chair, a party guest drops a glass, you let your dog’s nails get a bit too long…the list is endless! Even if you’re incredibly careful, over time, you’re bound to have a few nicks and gouges. […]

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Decorating a Child’s Bedroom from Toddler to Teen

As children grow, they change. You can bet that the little girl obsessed with Frozen today will be fawning over her favorite singers in a few years. And while Batman and Thor are fresh in a little boy’s imagination right now, sooner than you know famous sports heroes will be taking over. No matter what […]

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Specialty Tools for Painting, Wallpapering & A Job Well Done

Have you ever struggled to paint a tight space or frantically fumbled through your tool chest in search of a screwdriver, utility knife, or something else you needed? If you want a decorating job done quickly and well, you have to have the right tools on hand. Specialty tools are time-savers and fatigue-reducers, and they […]

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