5 Ways to Decorate with White

paint and accents decorating with white

Even after Labor Day.

It’s a ‘rule’ dating back hundreds of years. No white after Labor Day. But is there any truth to it? A simple Google search turns up a few consistent answers, from societal pressures to seperate old and new money, to keeping clean when the coal dust begins to fly with the onset of colder temperatures. But with the color white coming into chic fashion as the 2016 color of the year from some of the major paint companies, we beg to differ. Not only can you still wear white, but you can decorate with white. And, your home will be stunning no matter the season. We wanted to inspire you to go beyond tradition and celebrate the beautiful ways you can use this ever popular color in your decor.


trim decorate with white

#1 Trim your home in white.

There was a time when it was popular to use wood grains in the trim of your home. It brought a contrast, separating floor from wall. But to decorate with white, you should start with that same trim. Painting the trim of your home in white will freshen it up, add contemporary appeal and brighten up the space. Wood accents are still welcome, but often used as stunning accent. When you decorate with white, painting the trim will make the biggest difference. It’s customary to use the same shade of white on the ceiling and on the trim, but the finishes will be different. The ceiling will feature a matte finish, while the trim needs a satin finish. And, don’t hesitate to ask for a product that makes your trim look as flawless as possible. An additive like Floetrol will create the smooth look you want throughout your home.


kitchen decorate with white#2 Use white as a backdrop.

Accent walls have long been thought of with color. Striking appeal in a limited space–it creates a backdrop for your home. Why not decorate with white, using white as the backdrop? When white is the accent color, you can let your decor stand out in front of it while still maintaining the bright look of your space.


#3 Use white in contrast.

When you think of ways to decorate with white, does it scare you? The lack of color, especially for people who love to create an artistic look in their home, can seem lonely, unfinished. The best way to decorate with white and make a design statement is contrast. There’s no better contrast that white with your favorite bold color. Pair white and black for timeless style. Choose white and blue for softer edging with one of this season’s most captivating shades. Select your favorite red, orange or yellow, and then use it to decorate with white for a bright, refreshing result.


#4 Accents of white add a unique look.

fireplace decorate with whiteThere’s no debate–accent pieces in all white catch your eye. What about more than one? When you decorate with white, just like any other decor scheme, you want to think about collections. A collection of all white pieces make a statement of coordinated design. Using white allows you to do this more than any other color, where you might have to be mindful about too much of the same. Another bonus of all white accents is that the look pairs well with the contrasting color of your choice.


#5 Add white to the fireplace, the backsplash, the window treatments…

sheer curtains decorate with whiteBasically anything that makes your home stand out–those added features that create an individual look. Decorate with white to add an exclusive appearance. It’s breathtaking to see a whitewashed brick fireplace. It’s on-trend and stylish to use white in your backsplash–think subway tile. And white at the windows? Gorgeous light streams in with white sheer shades that soften the light, yet brighten the space. It’s a brilliant look, adding character and a one-of-a-kind look to your home.


Decorate with White: Add the Perfect Look to Your Home.

At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we know how much you want your home to come together for the perfect look. That’s why we’re here to help. Need help selecting the right shade of paint and finish to decorate with white, just right? With our collections of both Flanagan Paint and Benjamin Moore paints, we will guide you to the right choice for your St Louis home and your specific project needs. From painting supplies to expert advice, we’re here for you! Contact our team today!