Bedroom Colors: Create Your Dream Space

Benjamin Moore Paint Bedroom Colors

Whether you like your bedroom colors to be fresh and light or dark and dreamy, there are numerous color schemes to choose from to create the right space for you. At the end of the day, you just want it to be your personal sanctuary, right? It’s different for everyone, but the impact of color tones make a big difference. And, no matter your preference, we’ve got inspiration for you, from light to dark. These opposing shades are available in the most popular bedroom colors, trending right now. Get the look you’ve been dreaming about, and create a harmonious bedroom.


Dark vs. Light: Will my bedroom look smaller?

Tones of blue are an exquisite choice for soothing bedroom colors. Which shade, light or dark, is your favorite?

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom
Browndale Avenue

How many people have shot down the idea of painting their bedroom walls a dark color because it makes the room appear smaller? This is a common worry, and some argue that it is a misconception since dark colors recede while light colors advance. When you’re deciding what color you want to paint your bedroom walls, don’t let this fear stand in the way of your choice. There are ways to open up a room, whether the bedroom walls are dark or light. Take a look at the colors above for a perfect example. The lighter shade is Silver Gray by Benjamin Moore. The darker of the two is called In the Midnight Hour by Benjamin Moore. If you love the idea of bedroom colors in grayish blue or deep blue, either shade works. Bold, saturated, and timeless; both would be great for bedroom walls. Both rooms offer a great amount of natural light and bright accent pieces, allowing for a larger appearance.


Color Combination: The importance of coordination

Using design inspiration, you can have a seamless look in your bedroom. Take a look at how coordination plays a role.

New West Classic

In order to create a harmonious space, consider coordinating your décor to the bedroom walls. The above rooms, including colors Cumulous Cloud by Benjamin Moore and Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore, are perfect examples. Although both colors have a base of gray, the colors pull different tones. Cumulous Cloud can be easily matched with other classic colors, like different shades of gray or a creamy white. Rockport Gray is a darker, richer color that looks great with brown décor. Natural light vs. artificial can be powerful, as well. The yellow cast of lighting can pull brown, while natural light or blue tone artificial light adds illuminating gray to the look. Figuring out which tones coordinate with your bedroom walls will help create a beautiful, balanced room.


Accents: The power of colors

Accenting your space can be as important, if not more, than the foundational colors you choose.

Coastal Casual
Key West Revival

Along with finding the right tones to match your bedroom walls, you should also find an accent color. Accent colors will be the emphasis of your color scheme. Your bedroom walls should be the deciding factor in what color you pick as an accent. The mint green accent pictured above, paired with the wall color Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore, is a daring and beautiful choice, which looks great combined with a classic color like gray. The darker gray walls, shown here in Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore, are paired with light brown and white accents. The combination of bedroom colors makes the environment fresh and open—even with dark walls! Feeling brave? Accent an entire wall with a different color. Accent colors can take any room from boring to fabulous.


Ready to redesign? Find your perfect bedroom colors!

Bedroom colors can be a huge influence in your life. You view your bedroom walls at the start and end of each day, so why not paint them a color you love? Whether you want light and crisp or rich and warm, Flanagan Paint & Supply offers countless colors to choose. Stop in for expert advice on how to transform your bedroom into your dream room. Contact our team to get started today!