Decorating Small Spaces: 4 Tips for a Big Impact

decorating small spaces St. Louis


When it comes to decorating projects, most of us plan around the larger rooms in our homes: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens. But smaller spaces need our attention too! A spot might be tucked away, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. In fact, some of those tiny areas often see more traffic than larger rooms. So, are there any ways to make smaller spaces feel larger and extra special? You bet! Here are four tips for decorating small spaces that’ll have a big impact.


decorating small spaces St. Louis1. Create the Illusion of Grandeur

To make a space appear larger, choose a lighter color for the walls and amp up the sheen. Pastels, light neutrals, and certain mid-tones are terrific choices. And going with a pearl, satin, or semi-gloss finish will heighten the effect. It might seem tempting to install lighter-colored flooring as well, but darker hues will actually give the illusion of depth. Just make sure to choose colors and patterns that aren’t too busy. There’s one exception to this rule: stripes. Decorating small spaces with floor stripes can make the rooms appear to go on forever. Whether they’re painted on wood or concrete or naturally occuring in the graining of wood, floor stripes are on-trend and will definitely make a statement. As for how to orient them, consider the dimensions of the room and where you want to draw the eye, then run the stripes vertically or horizontally accordingly.


decorating small spaces St. Louis2. Decorate Up

Bringing the focus upward is another way to visually open a space. How can you do this? By decorating up high. Painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls, or one that contrasts with them, will make a space appear taller than it is. The color you choose is incredibly important, so make sure you test it out on a sample board or large paint chip. Painting isn’t the only option for decorating small spaces, though. For a super chic effect, try wallpapering. A wallpapered ceiling is a unique and gorgeous design element that works especially well in small spaces. You might also consider installing a shelf just below the ceiling. Not only does it create the illusion of space, but it also provides storage. Want a bit more drama in your design? Run the shelf around the entire room.


decorating small spaces St. Louis3. Consider See-Through Options

Using sheer or see-through elements when decorating small spaces is yet another way to create a sense of openness. Replace bathroom shower curtains with a sheer fabric curtain or clear vinyl. There are some lovely vinyl options that feature clear patterns–beautiful delights for the eye. Clear glass or semi-opaque cabinet fronts are another size-defying trick. And don’t forget about your windows. Windows are a huge benefit in compact spaces because they appear to add space by extending the visual field of the room to the outdoors. But, they also create problems. Glare, direct light, lack of privacy…the list goes on. The best window treatments for small spaces provide solutions while also allowing for view-through. Graber’s layered shades are an ideal choice. Sheer fabric keeps your view intact while also filtering light, and woven bands of color can overlap to block light and provide complete privacy when you want it. Plus, they’re simply gorgeous!


4. Accessorize Intentionally

decorating small spaces St. LouisIt’s incredibly important to choose accessories for small spaces carefully. Less is definitely more in this case. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s better to showcase a few large pieces than a collection of smaller items. A lot of little knicknacks can overwhelm and clutter the space–which is the last thing you want! Need some ideas? In a tiny bathroom, display a single decorative bowl rather than a clutter of soaps and trinkets. For a narrow foyer, hang a single, large painting or framed mirror rather than an assortment of family photos. Mirrors are actually hardworking accessories and great for decorating small spaces. They create an illusion of depth and reflect light. For maximum advantage, hang a mirror by a light source.


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