Design Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Hiring a Pro? 6 Reasons to Buy Your Own Paint.

    Does your next paint project involve hiring a professional painter or company? While bringing in a professional can ensure the job gets done right, have you considered what could go wrong? The one aspect that most people don’t think about is the actual paint being used. It sounds crazy, but when it comes down to […]
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  • Fresh & Modern Border Trends: 3 You Have to See

    With the appeal of mid-century modern’s clean lines and uncluttered appearance, it wasn’t long ago that many decorating experts were anticipating the demise of wallpaper borders. But, their predictions never came true. Borders are still incredibly popular. Why? Well, they are one of the few products that can tie a space together beautifully and inexpensively. […]
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  • Best Paint Colors for Every Room in Your Home

    This year is shaping up with unique color schemes and surprising favorites. We entered 2018 with bold choices for Color of the Year, like Caliente (Benjamin Moore), Black Flame (PPG) and Ultra Violet (Pantone). Have you taken the plunge with your home decor and added these emotion evoking shades? Or, are you waiting for inspiration […]
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  • Blackout Solutions: Customized Light All Day & Night

    Our clocks have “sprung forward” and daylight hours are increasing. We know that spring is officially here. So, how are you adjusting? While you’ve probably recovered from the lost hour of sleep last month, you might still be getting used to more sunlight entering your home every day. We all love the idea of more […]
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  • How To Fix Flooring Imperfections: Quick & Easy Repairs

    Life happens. And when life happens to your wood floors, you end up with imperfections. Your toddler drags a chair, a party guest drops a glass, you let your dog’s nails get a bit too long…the list is endless! Even if you’re incredibly careful, over time, you’re bound to have a few nicks and gouges. […]
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  • How To Fix Walls: Simple Ways to Remedy Scratches, Nicks & Gouges

    There’s practically no way to avoid scratches, nicks, and gouges on your walls. Everyday wear and tear takes its toll, and so do parties, moving furniture, and remodeling. So is there anything to do about them, or are they just something you have to live with? The good news is that it’s relatively easy to […]
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  • Decorating a Child’s Bedroom from Toddler to Teen

    As children grow, they change. You can bet that the little girl obsessed with Frozen today will be fawning over her favorite singers in a few years. And while Batman and Thor are fresh in a little boy’s imagination right now, sooner than you know famous sports heroes will be taking over. No matter what […]
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  • Specialty Tools for Painting, Wallpapering & A Job Well Done

    Have you ever struggled to paint a tight space or frantically fumbled through your tool chest in search of a screwdriver, utility knife, or something else you needed? If you want a decorating job done quickly and well, you have to have the right tools on hand. Specialty tools are time-savers and fatigue-reducers, and they […]
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  • Decorating Small Spaces: 4 Tips for a Big Impact

      When it comes to decorating projects, most of us plan around the larger rooms in our homes: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens. But smaller spaces need our attention too! A spot might be tucked away, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. In fact, some of those tiny areas often see more […]
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  • 6 Ways to Embrace Color Trends 2018

    Color trends tell a different story every year. 2017 was all about rejuvenation and calm vibes. Color trends 2018 have taken a different turn. This year, we’re seeing hues that are bolder and brighter that represent power and energy. Does this mean you have to paint over the gray-influenced colors that were “in” last year? […]
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