Maximize the Light in Your Home: 5 Tips from the Pros

maximize the light shades

As the month of September progresses, there’s only one thing that’s on my mind. No, it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice treats. It’s come to my attention that the daytime sunlight is decreasing. And, I start to panic. There’s got to be ways to maximize the light in my home. I know this happens every fall, but somehow this year, it’s dawned on me that I need a solution. And it’s not just the fewer daylight hours. As gorgeous as autumn is in the St Louis area, we see more gray skies and cloudy days than we saw throughout the summer. Nope. This year, I went to the pros at Flanagan Paint & Supply to find out what they suggest when you want to maximize the light in your home. Have you tried any of these?


daylighting maximize the light#1 Daylighting.

Growing up, my perception of window coverings was one of two things: #1 They’re open. #2 They’re closed. The end. Apparently, that’s extremely outdated. Are you ready to hear about one of the most innovative features to help you maximize the light in your home? It’s the genius of daylighting, otherwise known as letting light enter the room across the ceiling. How does this happen? Top down shades adjust down, allowing natural light to enter, lighting up your space. That means that while the rest of your window is covered up, protecting your home from harmful UV rays, direct heat and annoying glare, you still enjoy natural light. Daylighting…simply genius.


#2 Set it. Forget it.

automated ways to maximize the lightNo, this has nothing to do with a rotisserie chicken. It’s all about ways to maximize the light inside my home. Isn’t there a way to enjoy the atmosphere across the day without adding inconvenient adjustments and forgotten settings? I’m in search of balance. There are times during the day when there’s not much light outside, and I wouldn’t mind the sunlight entering, like enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. Then, there are those times when I just want to shut the world out–the sunshine, the weather, the foot traffic. In those moments, I want to exist in peaceful darkness. And of course, many times, I’ve already left my house, forgetting to close the window coverings.

Do you know what’s ridiculously amazing? Motorized blinds and shades. That’s right. You can automate your window coverings, operating them with a remote or on your smartphone. Motorized blinds and shades maximize the light in your home by adjusting on schedule or in an instant. No one knows the way light interacts with your home better than you, and now you can set a schedule to make the most of the comfortable atmosphere in your home.


shutters maximize the light#3 Convenient Adjustment.

You might be thinking that you don’t need the power of motorized blinds in every room, and you’re probably right. But you know what will help you maximize the light in every room in your home? Easy, convenient adjustments of window coverings that fit the lifestyle and circumstance of the space. I think the convenience and safety of cordless blinds and shades are stealing the show in this category. Why? Because in one simple motion–a quick lift, a change in slat direction–you can change the atmosphere of the room. There’s no confusing or dangerous cords, and the adjustment happens in the blink of an eye. You instantly change the direction to maximize the light, and it lightens the mood, brightens the space. When you want the darkness back again, quick as a wink, you’re right where you started.


#4 Style Your Windows with Fashion & Function.

Montagu Square

I’ve lived with bare windows, and I’m here to tell you, it’s not for the weak. The view was gorgeous, and during daylight hours, we never turned the lights on. But that is NOT what I would suggest to anyone who wants to maximize the light. Why? There’s no escape, no privacy. The glare is relentless. The furniture, the artwork, the paint colors all get dulled by the sunlight. I didn’t know then what I know now. You can have it all.

There are window shades that let you see through a sheer backing–when they’re lowered. You can frame your windows with custom drapery panels that can either be tied back or in place when you need coverage. You can do both, drapery panels and shades, for a gorgeous layered look. And, the fabrics, the colors, the textures–all of these design elements coordinate to make your home more beautiful. Maximize the light doesn’t mean let it all come flooding in. You decide how much light you want, and then choose the layers of fashion and function for your home.


design elements to maximize the light#5 Consider the Design.

Another tip I’ve learned from the pros to maximize the light is more about the design of the home than the light entering. How is the furniture arranged? Does it lend itself to enjoying the light, or are you facing away from it? Take a look at the colors you’ve been using. Do they allow the room to feel open and refreshing? While bold colors are eye-catching, sometimes they can make a space feel heavy. To maximize the light in my home, I had to take a look at how each room was put together so I could come up with some ways to lighten each one up. Getting control of entering light is the first problem to solve. After that, small changes can make a world of difference in how you enjoy your home.


Do You Need Help to Maximize the Light in Your Home?

Sometimes, all you need is an extra set of eyes and some helpful suggestions to help you figure things out. Our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply is here to help. Our design consultants come to you with ideas, inspiration and the listening ears you need to maximize the light in your home to fit the fashion and function of your life. Contact our team today for a free, in-home consultation.