Fresh & Modern Border Trends: 3 You Have to See

modern border trends chesterfield

With the appeal of mid-century modern’s clean lines and uncluttered appearance, it wasn’t long ago that many decorating experts were anticipating the demise of wallpaper borders. But, their predictions never came true. Borders are still incredibly popular. Why? Well, they are one of the few products that can tie a space together beautifully and inexpensively. Plus, with new technologies, today’s borders have complexity, dimension, and painterly effects that make them more stylish and intriguing than ever before. So, how can you use borders in fresh and modern ways throughout your home? Here are three border trends that are on the rise.


Framed Chair Rails

modern border trends chair rail

You’re probably familiar with borders being used as chair rails. Featuring a matching paint color above and coordinating wallcovering below (or vice versa), chair-rail borders sit halfway down the wall for eye-catching interest. The latest border trends are “framing” the border by installing trim directly above and below to make it pop. For a more formal appearance, you can paint or stain quarter-round trim to match your home’s other mouldings. If you want a more casual look, try pulling out a color from the border itself.


Dropped-Down Borders

modern border trends under ceiling

For ages, borders have enjoyed a life at the top. But, rather than sitting flush with the ceiling, today’s border trends are dropping them down a foot or two. This leaves a small section above the border that can be painted. For stylish visual appeal, you can paint this area an entirely different color and/or finish from the rest of the wall below. For instance, if the large portion of your wall is a satin finish, try a semi-gloss or glazed finish at the top. Not only does this create a put-together look, it also draws your eye upward–which can make the room appear larger. Want a truly polished look? Add quarter-round trim for the perfect finishing touch.


Enhancing Elements

wallpaper on stairs modern border trends

Wallpaper borders are being used more and more to enhance existing design elements in the home. Current border trends are placing scrolls, fleur de lis, acanthus, and other classic patterns around architectural features to showcase them. This works especially well with ceiling medallions, built-in bookshelves, wall alcoves, and risers on a staircase. The key to achieving an enhancing look is to carefully select your border. You don’t want to overwhelm or detract from your intended subject. As you choose, take style, color, and proportion into consideration.


Border Trends & Beyond

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