DEFY Extreme Wood Stain

DEFY® Extreme Wood Stain is a synthetic-resin, semi-transparent wood stain formulated using state of the art Nano-Technology to create a level of durability that has simply not been available in a wood stain finish in the past.

Extreme Wood Stain is the newest member of the DEFY® line of wood products and is our most innovative high performance product yet. Ultra violet rays cause wood to turn gray and become susceptible to water penetration and decay. DEFY® Extreme Wood Stain effectively protects the wood from the harmful effects of the sun and protects wood from graying using state of the art nano-technology.

DEFY® Extreme Wood Stain Uses

DEFY® Extreme Wood Stain is designed to be used on interior or exterior wood surfaces including:

  • wood siding
  • log homes
  • decks
  • fences
  • shake shingles
  • outdoor wood furniture
  • pressure treated lumber
  • all other natural wood surfaces.

Application of Extreme Wood Stain is easy! A treatment of DEFY® Wood Cleaner will generally clean and restore previously treated surfaces to their original appearance. Once cleaned, a quick application of DEFY® Wood Brightener will brighten the wood and restore the wood’s natural beauty. This deck sealer will provide long-term beauty and protect the natural appearance of your wood. The surface should be recoated annually or when graying initially starts to appear.

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