Hiring a Pro? 6 Reasons to Buy Your Own Paint.

buy your own paint reasons why

Does your next paint project involve hiring a professional painter or company? While bringing in a professional can ensure the job gets done right, have you considered what could go wrong? The one aspect that most people don’t think about is the actual paint being used. It sounds crazy, but when it comes down to it, it’s wise to buy your own paint. And, check out just a few photos our customers have shown us when things have gone wrong!


Paint Professionals Have What It Takes!

Typically, when you hire a professional painter, you’re paying for the skill, the tools, and the time. Otherwise, you may consider DIY, and in that situation, you would definitely buy your own paint. When you hire a pro, you want someone who has experience, comes with quality recommendations, the proper tools and the time to invest and do the job well. What about the paint…?


The Disaster Might Be in the Details.

While you may have found the perfect painter for your project, focus on the smaller details. That’s often where you may encounter the difference. When you buy your own paint for the project, it can make a huge impact on the results. The type of paint used will affect the price of the job, the outcome and the specifics that can make or break the project.


When You Buy Your Own Paint…

#1 You control the quality.

To begin with, you get what you pay for. If the paint is cheap, the results will probably end up looking cheap. On top of that, the cheaper the paint, the less durable. It may look okay from the get-go, but you probably will have to repaint in a much shorter period of time, essentially doubling the price in the long run.

#2 You’ll have a better idea of the cost.buy your own paint to cover crayon marks

When you get an estimate, it’s an educated guess. However, multiple coats of cheap paint may end up being more expensive than one beautiful coat of a high end, higher priced paint. One coat also takes less time, reducing labor costs. It also lasts longer–looking better longer. If the pro is recommending a primer and a paint, you may consider a high quality paint that comes with the primer in it.

#3 You select the finish.

Oftentimes, paint professionals will assume you want flat paint. When you buy your own paint, you specifically choose the paint finish that will work for you and your home. If you have children, flat paint simply won’t work. Fingerprints, crayon marks–or any “unknown” substance–will not be easy clean.

buy your own paint to prevent bathroom mildew#4 Individual rooms get exactly what they need.

Circumstances and activities of specific rooms will dictate the finish. The kitchen needs a finish that can handle frequent cleaning. The bathroom needs a finish that repels moisture and keeps mildew at bay. Older homes? The finish you choose can help you cover flaws more easily than others. Rooms that get tremendous direct sunlight might need less sheen to reduce glare. These results all come down to selecting the correct finish.

buy your own paint to cover mistakes later#5 Touching up the paint is easier.

You’ll have some on-hand, or you’ll know exactly what you bought the first time…just in case.

#6 You choose the safest options for your family.

You know yourself and your family best. A paint pro often works with a brand they buy on a regular basis. Don’t let them talk you into something you’re not comfortable with for your family’s health and safety. When you buy your own paint, you can purchase paints made with zero VOCs, are allergy & asthma friendly, and have low odor.


You Always Have Experts You Can Trust…

At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we’ve been in the paint business for a long time. Let us be your trusted resource for information, guidance and the high quality paint products and supplies you need to make your next project a success. If you want to buy your own paint, let us know. We’d be happy to go over all of your concerns and questions. We want to be the experts you trust to make your St Louis area home the best it can be! Get in touch with us today!