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4 Common Paint Mistakes–and How to Fix Them!

Nothing refreshes and revives a home like a new coat of paint. That is, unless it’s the wrong coat of paint. If you make a mistake with paint, your whole project will seem off, leading you to have to do the unthinkable–repaint. You’re putting a lot of time and effort in. You want it done […]

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Back-To-School Tips and Sleep Solutions for Your Family

School is back in session here in St. Louis! That means you’ve been busy planning and gathering all of the essentials for your children’s new school year. Did you plan for their sleeping needs as well? You make sure to send your kids off to school with a healthy lunch and shoes that fit properly, […]

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Need a Color Makeover in Your Home?

  Every once in awhile, we just need a change. By choosing new paint colors, you can alter the atmosphere of the rooms in your home in a quick period of time. The effects are huge, and you can do it yourself. However, it can seem a bit daunting to choose the new colors, especially […]

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Save Your Home from the Summer Heat with These 3 Considerations

Enjoying your Summer? We can’t ask for nicer weather than what we’ve had lately in the St. Louis area. The sunshine, the blue skies…it’s what we look forward to all year round. And while Summer is in full swing, it can be easy to become frustrated with the effects you feel from the intensity of […]

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