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A St Louis Painting Project: Rustic Colors Invite Autumn In

Autumn has arrived, and it’s beautiful. The colors, the air, the overall emotion that memories of season’s past hold within each and every one of us–autumn is powerful. Don’t you just love the richness of the hues you see as you drive around St Louis in the fall? Nature’s foliage provides incredible inspiration for the […]

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Fall In Love With Customized Roman Shades

Fall is fast approaching here in St. Louis. Summer heat will soon turn to crisp autumn breezes, and trees will take on brilliant colors. Are you looking forward to treating yourself to some warm apple crisp or a pumpkin spice latte? Go ahead, you deserve it! You also deserve the sweet pleasure that roman shades […]

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4 Ways Decorating with Purple Will Stun This Fall

  Sophisticated. Royal. Serene. Decorating with purple invites presence and personality as the many shades evoke emotion with unforgettable charm and unparalleled style. Grounded in roots of rich heritage and the splendor of nature, decorating with purple allows versatility of design. Much depends on your choice of purple–ranging from soft to striking–resulting in an entirely […]

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Perfect Your Home & Life with Top Down Bottom Up Window Coverings

Sunny skies have been the norm here in St. Louis this summer. There’s nothing like letting some of those gorgeous rays stream in through your windows to brighten your day. Plus, the summer views have been stunning. Did you find yourself having to cover up all of that beauty because of glare or heat this […]

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