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Archive for November, 2015

Let’s All Shop Small: Show Your Love For Local Businesses and Your Community

The holiday season is here, and that means holiday shopping is underway. This year, let’s all shop small. Give your family and friends great gifts while giving your community a gift, too. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we want to give you another way to support your community this year, in addition to Small Business […]

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Paint…It’s Not Just for Walls!

Infusing a space with color has never been more fun than right now–and there has never been a time where creativity leads the way, as much as it does in today’s world of home decorating. We love the way paint colors are being used to express style, fashion and bold design. At Flanagan Paint & […]

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Time-honored Tradition & Modern Benefits: “Soft Shutter” Window Shades

Shutters are classic. Their romantic charm and traditional style turn any house into a place that truly feels like home. And there’s little better than feeling at home during the holidays. Nestled by the fire with loved ones watching leaves or snowflakes swirl while warming beams of sun stream in through the open louvres…shutters are […]

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A Stunning Accent Wall with Benjamin Moore Paint

Within the latest decorating trends, color has risen to the top as a way to let your personal taste shine through. Whether you love the soft look of subtle hues, or the bold look of strong colors, Benjamin Moore paint can transform your home with incredible style. Today’s feature is showcasing accent walls that create […]

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