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Archive for December, 2015

3 Design Trends for Great Style in 2016

We love the sought-after design trends that came to light in 2015, and we are very excited to see them evolve and change in the New Year. As one year comes to an end, another begins. The beginning of 2016 shows great promise for design trends. We are identifying our favorite three design trends that […]

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Metallic Decor Adds Contemporary Style

At the top of style these days is metallic decor–the ultimate mix of trend and modern appeal. Playing off similar looks from Fashion Week this Fall, metallic decor has become the sought-after style on the runway and in your home. Mixing metals in a variety of finishes will bring a unique look to homes in […]

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Pantone’s Color of the Year: We’ve Got Your Questions Answered.

After the announcements this fall, where paint companies–like Benjamin Moore–chose varying whites for their upcoming color of the year 2016, we didn’t think we could be more surprised than we are right now. In case you missed it, the fashion and design powerhouse, Pantone, just announced their color of the year 2016. Wow. Their choice […]

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Tips for Having an Energy Efficient Home This Winter

  Now that Thanksgiving’s come and gone here in St. Louis, and you might just be realizing that winter is coming around the corner. Maybe you’re noticing the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting colder. Maybe you’re feeling winter sap energy from your home already. Are your lamps and overhead lights on more often […]

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