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The Five Best Neutral Paint Colors

The wall color you choose for the background of your home will set the tone for decor and styling. Are you considering making a change to the foundational colors throughout your home, or a simple room makeover? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing, and our guide to the five best neutral […]

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Transform Your Ambiance With Sheer Window Treatments

Are you looking for ways to transform the light entering your windows while still protecting your privacy, maintaining your comfort and preserving your amazing outside view? Sheer window treatments may be the solution to all of your needs! We have an incredible array of sheers and shadings to choose from to enhance your home decor and […]

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The Best Painter’s Tape on the Market–You’ve Got to Try It!

You’ve worked hard on your latest project–the prepping, the priming, the taping, the painting. The most frustrating part shouldn’t be the results. Have you experienced bleed through? You know what we’re talking about–painter’s tape that allows paint to seep through and create the unfinished edge you tried so hard to avoid–it’s maddening. It’s not your […]

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Plantation Shutters: Designer Details & Functional Elegance

Plantation Shutters offer a timeless beauty to your home, and with the operating systems available today, they are the perfect investment to streamline your decor while still allowing for different functional aspects depending on each room’s purpose. Find design ideas below for different areas of your home using our plantation shutters.   Let’s Talk Versatility! […]

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