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7 Gray Bathrooms You Have to See!

  Tones of gray have quickly become a mainstay in home decor. From the sophistication of dark hues, to the softness of lighter shades, we love the way gray allows a room to take on a new look–a definitive personality all its own. What about your bathroom? Are you dying to see what gray can […]

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Modern Roller Shades: Perfected For Your Home

When someone mentions roller shades, do you picture them flying up, sticking, or unrolling themselves? Roller shades are known to misbehave. They’ve been around for centuries, and, while they get the job done, it can seem like they’re always acting up. On the other hand, maybe you picture their style–or lack thereof, really. If visions […]

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Exterior Paint Project? Benjamin Moore Has You Covered!

It’s that time of year…projects are simply waiting to get done. Are you a DIYer, just looking for open space in your schedule to do an exterior paint project for your St Louis area home? Flanagan Paint, with Benjamin Moore, has you covered with exterior paint for every project you can think of! Visit our […]

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Blackout Curtains or Blackout Shades: What’s Your Style?

When it comes to room darkening, blackout curtains and shades will both do the job–that job being to block out light. For most of us, especially when it comes to sleeping, that means blocking out ALL light, not just some or most. Here at Flanagan, we have custom draperies and window shade collections that will […]

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