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An Exclusive Reveal: The Latest Style Trends

Now that we’re halfway through 2016, this year’s home decor style trends are finally emerging. Things that were just a flash in the pan have fizzled out, so now we can see what’s truly trendy and here to stay. Are you ready for an exclusive reveal? Our design experts share some of the hottest trends […]

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Work from Home? Gorgeous Home Office Design Ideas

Working from home can sound like a relaxing, stress-free situation. Do you work from home? If so, you’re probably in on the secret: Working from home carries its own struggles. While you can exclusively avoid time in the car, what you can’t avoid is the mounting tasks around the house that you don’t have time […]

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4 Tips for Back to School Success

Where has summer vacation gone? It’s hard to believe the start of a brand-new school year is just around the corner. Even though there’s still over four weeks left of summer vacation, the busy-ness of the impending year has begun. You need tips for back to school that will make this challenge an easier transition […]

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5 Colors to Achieve That Perfect Farmhouse Style

Rustic decor is on the forefront of fashion trends this year. It’s chic sophistication is matched only with the comforts of home–an ironic twist that perfectly fits contemporary trends. People everywhere have realized that a house needs to be a home for ultimate happiness, and while we love the ‘everything in its place’ look, you […]

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