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New Home Problems? 5 Solutions for Homeowners

A new home. Ahhh, the possibilities! If you’ve recently closed on a new home, you know the feeling. There’s a certain excitement and anticipation that wells up inside as you imagine all that your new house can be. After the hassle and paperwork of buying, or constructing, you can’t wait to move in and get […]

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Color Matching: Find Exactly What You Want.

Have you ever seen the perfect shade of color and knew instantly you had to have it? What if you found it, but just didn’t like what it was decorating? Don’t waste time and energy by settling for what you can find. You deserve to have the exact color you want. Chances are, if you […]

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Smart Home Technology: 4 Ways Your Life Can Be Better

Think back to the movies and TV shows of your childhood. Do you remember all the futuristic gadgets and gizmos that caught your attention? Everything from the Star Trek communicator to the Jetson’s robot vacuum and Marty McFly’s wall-mounted television. You were fascinated by them, and they may have even inspired your games of pretend. […]

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Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully…Decorating with Blue

Blue is just one of those colors that is full of personality–no matter the shade. It brings out emotion, it causes a stir and it crosses gender lines like no other. It’s no wonder Lord Byron wrote affectionately about this incredible color. Decorating with blue became popular in the last couple years, and designers favoring […]

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