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Before and After Photos: A Must See!

Autumn is a time of change. Leaves turn brilliant colors, temperatures cool down, and the sun sets earlier and earlier at the close of each day. All of these things can make us experience our windows in a whole new way. The windows of these before and after photos?  While the view out becomes even […]

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Color of the Year 2017: Benjamin Moore’s Shadow

Have you been waiting like the rest of us? Finding yourself watching the color trends develop? We are thrilled to announce the Benjamin Moore color of the year 2017 is here! And, it’s name is as enchanting as the color itself. Shadow. A shade of purple that brings a cool, quiet presence while offering the […]

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Live Comfortably with Privacy Blinds and Shades

Think about your home. Are there areas that you enjoy having open to the outside world while others make you want a little more privacy? That’s exactly how my home is. I love to look out the windows in my dining room and kitchen. Our neighbors are nearby, but there’s enough space and foliage to […]

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Child Safe Blinds & Shades: Options to Ensure Safety

Have you ever walked into a bathroom covered in toilet paper, a living room with a new fingerpaint mural on the wall, or a kitchen blanketed by flour and the entire contents of your Tupperware cupboard? Children are little mischief-makers, and they sure know how to make us stop and stare sometimes. While we might […]

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