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Drapery Panels: Refresh Your Atmosphere

Many of us associate New Year’s with a chance to start fresh. Have you thought of resolutions? Instead of joining a gym or starting a fad diet, consider a different way to refresh your life! What better way to start 2017 than with a rejuvenated atmosphere?  Custom drapery panels are the perfect way to revamp […]

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Hard to Reach Windows? Embrace Beauty. Simplify Control.

The beauty of light flowing in through your windows. Is there anything more dream-like? When you have windows bringing in light from high above, or placed as a backdrop for your home, it can seem like a dream. At first. And then? Common issues that homeowners face come from hard to reach windows that can […]

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Introducing Color of the Year 2017: Greenery!

Color of the Year 2017 was just announced, and we’re thrilled by Pantone’s bold choice: Greenery. With a revitalizing essence, Greenery represents nature and new beginnings. At the end of a year, everyone could use a bit of uplifting. The color of the year is a yellow-green shade, one that you often see in nature; […]

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Great Gifts for Teens: Ideas and Inspiration

Finding unique gifts for teens may seem difficult when all they are interested in is the newest video game, the coolest phone, or the popular (and most expensive…) makeup. Your tweens and teens are at a fragile age, and connecting with them may seem like the hardest task you’ve had to face in parenting. We […]

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