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Floor to Ceiling Windows: Your Top 3 Frustrations Solved!

Floor to ceiling windows are mere dreams for many homeowners. They long for the amazing light, fantastic views, and stylish design that come with such grand, expansive windows. If you’re lucky enough to have them, though, your dream might be a home without them. The reality of living with floor to ceiling windows can be […]

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Paint Colors to Chase Away the Winter Blahs

This time of year can be tough on the mood. Dreary skies, chilly weather, damp–or even worse, icy–roads, can make you feel like searching for a bright spot. How about adding paint colors to surround you with beauty and refreshment? With unpredictable and uncomfortable weather, this is the perfect time to use paint colors in […]

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The Energy Efficiency Your Home Needs

There’s no denying it. Winter is in full swing–ice storms, snowfall and chilling winds have no mercy. Are you wishing for greater energy efficiency in your home? It’s no secret that drafty winters can take away from the cozy environment we all want this time of year. And, your wallet takes a hit, as well! […]

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Refresh with Paint: Inspiration for Every Home

Are you tired of having the same home design? It’s time to refresh with paint! Treat your home to a makeover and yourself to a new environment. Whether you’re looking for a big project, or something small, Flanagan Paint & Supply is ready to help. Is there a certain design trend you’ve been wanting to […]

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