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What To Do With Leftover Paint

Do you have paint cans sitting on the floor in your basement, on shelves in your garage, or tucked away in the back of a closet? Leftover paint is often the bane of a homeowners existence! You know you can’t just throw it away, so you let it sit there…collecting dust and taking up space. […]

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Choosing the Right Window Coverings

When it comes to your home, choosing the right window coverings will depend on a few different factors. What do you want your shades to look like? What do you need them to do? How much control do you need? It all comes down to your desired outcomes for your home’s environment. Take a look at […]

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Revitalizing a Worn-Out Deck: 5 Steps to Refresh and Preserve

Has your deck taken a beating over the years? Sun, moisture, and drastic temperature fluctuations are tough on wood. If you have a worn-out deck, now’s the perfect time to revitalize it. The low-humidity, cool temperatures, and minimal rainfall in autumn are the perfect conditions for refinishing. Plus, a fresh finish will protect your deck […]

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3 Ways to Choose Modern Nursery Colors

Creating and painting a nursery used to be cinch. Having a boy? Brush the walls with blue. It’s a girl? Bring on the pink. Today, though, that’s far less common. When designing a nursery, families are much more likely to look beyond the baby-stage. They’re inclined to ensure that the room can easily grow with […]

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