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18 Ways to Improve Your Home (& Life!) in 2018

  Have you started your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s all about ways to improve your life, right? We thought we would help you get a jump start on the best ways to improve your home (& life!) with tips and advice from some of this year’s most popular design articles… #1 Start […]

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Solve Your Window Location Issues with Window Coverings

Think about the windows in your home. Where are they? Window location has a huge impact on both your home and your lifestyle. If you have east- or west-facing windows, there’s no escaping the elements and the issues they bring. North- or south-facing windows may not go head-to-head with mother nature, but they often don’t […]

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How to Decorate with Bold Color Schemes

Bright, beautiful, full of energy…have you seen the latest bold color schemes? They’re everywhere, and they’ve brought a new sense of style to home design. Creating the perfect color scheme can seem like a daunting task. You might ask yourself: will everything blend? Will my decor look gaudy? How much is too much? We’re here […]

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Inspire Your Design: 10 Dining Rooms That Shine

Your dining space is an important part of your life. Think about all that happens in there. From breakfast pancakes with the kids to gourmet dinner parties, it’s a place for gathering and making memories. Now take a look around. What’s the atmosphere like? Could it use a little something to make it shine? Here […]

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