6 Ways to Embrace Color Trends 2018

color trends 2018

Color trends tell a different story every year. 2017 was all about rejuvenation and calm vibes. Color trends 2018 have taken a different turn. This year, we’re seeing hues that are bolder and brighter that represent power and energy. Does this mean you have to paint over the gray-influenced colors that were “in” last year? The answer is no! Luckily, color trends stay on-trend for more than a year. Instead, incorporate the latest colors with your existing decor. You’ll enhance last year’s colors with the current favorites in the design world.


What Are the Color Trends 2018?

Last year, the main focus was on colors influenced by grays. But, we saw hints of vibrant hues, like coral, orange, indigo, violet, and teal, which was a sign to us that something bolder was on its way into the top design trends. 2018 has introduced us to colors like Caliente (AF-290), a strikingly hot red from Benjamin Moore, and Black Flame (545-7), a deep black with undertones of indigo from PPG. These hues, no matter where they’re placed in your home, will make a statement like never before. Here are a few ways to incorporate the latest trends, or a favorite color of your own, into your design.


#1 Feature Walls

Also known as accent walls, painting a feature wall in your home is one of the best ways to bring a vibrant color into your design. First, consider all of the rooms in your home. Then, determine which wall in your space would work best with an accent color. Some ideas might be the headboard wall of your bedroom or the wall with the fireplace in your family room. And, don’t limit yourself to just one solid color, or even the Color Trends 2018. It’s your home and your style; incorporate your favorite hue or try something different like wallpaper, a color wash, or Venetian plaster.


#2 Entryway

Make a lasting statement by adding the Color Trends 2018 into your foyer. The dramatic burst will leave a lasting impression on guests, and you’ll be welcomed home everyday with energy. The pop of color will blend seamlessly with neutrals, like last year’s gray palette. Even the smallest details can make the biggest difference.


#3 Doorway

Another great way to make a lasting impression is to paint your door! Whether it’s inside, outside, or both, you’ll create an intense, designer look. Spice up your doorway with a bright red, like Caliente. Let Black Flame enhance your gray-influenced design. Or, try something completely different! A bright green, like Pantone’s Greenery (Color of the Year 2017), will bring in a rejuvenating touch.


#4 Cabinetry

Whites and grays have been popular color choices for cabinets over the past few years. Now, we’re seeing more daring choices, like blues, reds, and greens. Many of them are featured in high-gloss sheens, adding even more style. These hues, along with the Color Trends 2018, work beautifully with last year’s palette. Nervous about overdoing your design with such bright colors? Limit their use to cabinets in a guest bathroom, a kitchen island, or the lower bank of cabinets in your kitchen. A little goes a long way.


#5 Ceiling

Often times, we think of the obvious places to redecorate, like painting the walls, changing up the furniture, or adding in new accent pieces. This latest trend steps outside the box. Known as “the fifth wall,” we’re seeing more and more homes incorporate an accent ceiling. The options are endless, too. Paint your white ceiling the same color as your walls, or choose a contrasting or complementary color to enhance it even more. Looking to create a whimsical design? Go for a bright color. Deep colors offer a hint of sophistication, and mid-tones are soothing. What’s your style?


#6 Step Outside

We spend so much time working on the interior design of our home that we forget about the exterior! You can certainly show off your style, and the Color Trends 2018, by decorating the outside of your home. Along with painting your front door, consider your garage doors, dormers, and trim. Paint your entire home for a fun change (or at least the garden gate!). There are always ways to personalize your space.


How Will You Embrace Color Trends 2018?

Do you need a design change in your life? Look no further than the Color Trends 2018. They’re full of energy, rejuvenation, and pizzazz. Not loving the palette this year? Go for what you love. You can enhance your home with any design scheme or color choice–it’s all about what makes you happy. Let us help you find the perfect color for your design! Contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply to get started!