7 Gray Bathrooms You Have to See!

gray bathrooms walk in shower


Tones of gray have quickly become a mainstay in home decor. From the sophistication of dark hues, to the softness of lighter shades, we love the way gray allows a room to take on a new look–a definitive personality all its own. What about your bathroom? Are you dying to see what gray can do? Your options are limitless. The stark contrast of whites against a gray backdrop offers a crisp, clean appearance. Adding pops of color to a gray bathroom allows those accents to stand out in a big way for design. Mingling well across styles, gray will finish your space with gorgeous results. We’ve searched for our favorite gray bathrooms that feature or color match with Benjamin Moore paints. Ready to get started on your gray bathroom sanctuary? Stop on in, and we’ll help you find what you need to make your dream bathroom a reality. In the mean time, take a look at our list, and decide which one of these gray bathrooms you’d love to have in your home…


Gain Some Perspective.


You certainly could gain some perspective in this spa-like gray bathroom. The gray walls, in Perspective by Benjamin Moore, add just the right hue for peace and calm. The contemporary appeal of this space is softened by the river rocks that invite just a touch of nature in. Beautifully styled, with cool crisp colors, this is one of our favorite gray bathrooms.


Shhh…It’s a Secret.

gray bathrooms yellow flowers

Gray bathrooms have proven that adding just a pop of color is enough to transform the space. The yellow flowers stand out against the backdrop of gray walls, for statement-making style. One thing we love about gray walls in a room–especially like this one in Secret by Benjamin Moore–is the way the gray picks up the dimension of the space, in a way other colors might take away. We say, let the character and unique of the room be the shining star–and gray is just the color to make that a success.


Seattle Gray Boasts Chic Style.

Modern living
Beautiful tones and exquisite finishes come together in perfect harmony. The beauty is in the details, as each and every element is in its place, coordinated for dramatic style. The subtle gray of the walls, in Seattle Gray by Benjamin Moore, softens the space just enough to give it warmth–while also staying true to the modern styling.


Chelsea Gray Adds Depth and Richness.

Wayland Renovation

For as many fans that you can find of gray bathrooms and whole-house color schemes, you’ll find just as many who adore the look of “greige.” Greige was made famous with the popularity of gray walls in homes that used to feature beige walls, and the possibilities are endless. The mixture of gray and beige allows you to coordinate your home, bringing in elements such as the stone tub surround and the cabinetry. The pop of red contributes to warming this space. If we were to color match this wall color, we’d name Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore for the depth and richness it brings.


Whale Gray is Simply Classic.

gray bathrooms cottage chic

For character and charm, this bathrooms highlights the dimension of the wainscoting with Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore. Paired well with lighter colors–like a range of popular whites–gray bathrooms can achieve the on-trend look of cottage chic style easily. Light elements of design, mixed with a dark shade of gray, accentuate the natural light–allowing the gray to make a statement, while not darkening the space.


Baltic Gray for Cool Sophistication.

Modern Cottage Dream Home in Edina
Cool and sophisticated, this Baltic Gray by Benjamin Moore, is also subtle and inviting. Modern styling is mixed with the rough-cut backdrop of the stone finishing on the wall. Surrounded in soothing hues, gray bathrooms that combine different shades of gray evoke a feeling of balance and peace.


Which Gray Bathrooms Do You Love?

Are you ready to start on your next bathroom renovation? Do you consider gray bathrooms to be your favorite looks? At Flanagan Paint & Supply, our paint experts can help you find the perfect shade, or even color match, to make it exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by–or contact our team–for ideas, inspiration and all the supplies you need to make your next project a success.