Best Paint Colors for Every Room in Your Home

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This year is shaping up with unique color schemes and surprising favorites. We entered 2018 with bold choices for Color of the Year, like Caliente (Benjamin Moore), Black Flame (PPG) and Ultra Violet (Pantone). Have you taken the plunge with your home decor and added these emotion evoking shades? Or, are you waiting for inspiration on how to do it–or even what to do? We’ve got some ideas for your home–by the room, all colors named in Benjamin Moore’s collection. We’ll also give you some tips on what to avoid. So, sit back with a cup of coffee and start gaining inspiration for choosing the best paint colors for your home.


Welcome Fresh Design

Your entryway is the first impression, not just for guests, but it sets the tone as you leave for the day and welcomes you home at night. If any space in your home deserves fresh design, it’s this one! What are the best paint colors for your entryway or foyer?

While neutral shades are often popular, soft pastels can add a rejuvenated, welcoming feeling in your home. Offering a light, airy feeling, Organdy adds a tint of simple color.


Want color to pop? The front door is a great way to accent the space. The Gunmetal gray of the home is brightened with the door in Tequila Lime. No matter whether you love the color scheme or not, this home gives off the feeling of happiness at first glance!


Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Great Rooms

These gathering spaces lend themselves to expressing your personal design. The best paint colors for these spaces are ones that showcase colors you love, and because rooms tend to be larger, you can go bold if you choose. There are a few trends that seem to suit this space best…

Go neutral–but dark. One of the hottest trends is choosing a favorite neutral, but then going bold with a really dark version of that neutral. This paint color, Barnboard, adds sophisticated design.


Creating an accent wall is a great way to bring in color without going overboard. This living room features Phillipsburg Blue as the color to highlight.


How about…instead of an accent wall, you accent the character of the built-in shelving? Soft, soothing, yet totally coordinated in the space, Ocean City Blue adds depth and charm to these bookshelves.


Contrasting the subtle tone of neutral paint with pops of color by way of accent pieces in another way to add style to this space. One thing we love about this concept is that you could swap out colors every now and then for a whole different vibe. There’s no argument, if you’re looking for one of the best paint colors, everyone loves Revere Pewter.


Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Why are these spaces together when the usage is so different? You want to achieve quiet reflection in both, right? Both spaces are best for relaxation. So, while the finishes of paint you select may be different, the best paint colors will bring a feeling of zen–also referred to as “Spa Colors.” Subtle shades of your favorite foundational neutral will go really well in both rooms, while the bedroom comes off as more personal of a space, with accents that make the atmosphere.

Silver Lake is a soft gray that gives just enough hue to show contrast with the elements. With the bedroom, personal effects, like accent pillows, family photos, lamps, area rugs and flowers are the perfect way to express yourself.


In Woodlawn Blue, this Benjamin Moore blue is soothing, but adds a unique palette for quiet relaxation. Blues and greens in the bedroom lend themselves to a natural look, easy to add greenery and natural elements to the space.


If you’re looking for the perfect way to stay in the neutral zone, but want to add unique design, try painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls. In the bedroom, this makes the space feel cozy and layered. Baja Dunes is on the ceiling tray while Barren Plain complements the look with the walls.


Revere Pewter graces the walls of this bathroom. The look is serene, but with the other design elements in the space, it’s a very high end result.


Create the space you want with color. This wall color is aptly named Perspective, ideal for the tranquility you need after a long day.


In the bathroom, white just works. It’s clean, pristine and keeps the space light and airy, letting your cares fall away. In Snowfall White, the stark contrast with the darkened floors in gorgeous.


Kitchens & Dining Spaces

At first, it seems tricky to talk about these spaces in generalities. We often think of kitchens in more casual terms and dining rooms in a sophisticated light. The waters get muddied based on your unique home, depending on the layout and the use.

Choose colors for your kitchen that relax you–if you’re wanting to spend time preparing healthy meals and setting up a positive vibe, colors that offer a refreshing feeling will be perfect.

With the dining room, consider the light available. Overly dark colors in a room with little light will put your guests to sleep, and brighter colors in a room with tremendous natural light may cause a harsh glare. Think comfort.

The best paint colors for the kitchen are most likely ones that carry over the foundational color you’ve chosen for the rest of your home. Bleeker Beige brings softened charm to this kitchen.


Farmhouse design is on trend and full of chic style. This kitchen pulls off the natural look of whites and wood, so often seen in the farmhouse collections. But, with some pizazz, the island is painted in Caliente. The resulting look is hot, hot, hot!


Add layers to the design of your kitchen by painting the top and bottom cabinets different colors. With the upper cabinets in Cloud White and the lower ones in Escarpment, your eyes meet with clean, white refreshment, while the overall look of the space is intriguing.


Open floor plans can invite a welcome feeling, but you also may want to break up the space with design elements that give each room its own look. This dining space in Woodcliff Lake is stunning and creates its own fabulous statement of design.


Ready to “wow” your guests with a modern play on style? Ravishing Red is perfect for the accents of this dining room. This fun, fresh design lends itself to the chic contemporary look of rustic floors, contrasting with the sleek red wall.


Dining rooms easily mix style and romance. Want the space to give off a formal vibe? To create the ideal gathering space, you’ll want something that is capable of being both sophisticated and cozy. Smoke Grey accents this space will graceful elegance.


Colors to Avoid…

White can be harsh to the eyes, especially if there’s a tremendous amount of light entering. If you love the look of white walls, just be sure to choose the right balance of color, or even accented boundaries, for the space so it doesn’t seem washed out or bland.

When searching for the best paint colors, consider the way they make you feel. Vibrant colors may catch you attention, but how about in the long run? Will that bright red wall make you feel like you can’t wind down? The same goes for matching the color to the type of room and what it’s used for. If you’re trying to fall asleep next to an almost-neon wall, it’s not the best choice for that space, try it in the space where you have your treadmill instead.


And, you know your home best, so if the color seems to bright or overwhelming in the space, it’s not for you. Small spaces can be the perfect example–as much as you want to do Navy in the bathroom, it may close off and darken the space. Save your favorite darker tones for larger, well-lit rooms.

The Best Paint Colors…Are the Ones You Love!

When it comes down to it, colors can work in any space–you just have to consider your personal home and preferences! The shade you choose must play to your emotion and the look you’re trying to achieve. The best paint colors are ones that make you smile and set you at ease. We love bold statements, but quiet ones can be just as powerful. If you’re looking for the best paint colors for your St Louis area home, stop on by our West County showroom. Our team at Flanagan paint & Supply would love to help you get started. As an authorized Benjamin Moore retailer, we will be happy to help you select the best paint for any room in your home. Get in touch with us today!