Blackout Solutions: Customized Light All Day & Night

blackout solutions St. Louis

Our clocks have “sprung forward” and daylight hours are increasing. We know that spring is officially here. So, how are you adjusting? While you’ve probably recovered from the lost hour of sleep last month, you might still be getting used to more sunlight entering your home every day. We all love the idea of more natural light in our homes, but the reality can be a bit challenging. Springtime begins the struggle of finding the right balance between inviting light in and keeping sunny rays at bay. But you don’t have to go it alone…blackout solutions are here to help! Take a look at how these solutions can customize the way light interacts with your home and life all throughout the day and night.


Morning Light

There’s no question that you need quality sleep to feel happy and stay healthy. But have you stopped to think about how you’re sleeping these days? The sun is waking up earlier each morning. Are you? Blocking early morning light in your bedroom is vital for getting the sleep you need to be at your best. Blackout solutions make that possible.

blackout solutions St. Louis

Once you’re awake, though, welcoming in natural light is a great way to boost your energy and mood. But what about your privacy? As you get ready for the day, you don’t want the whole world looking in. The best blackout solutions, like these top down bottom up shades, give you options to maintain your privacy and enjoy the light.


Sunny Days

As we experience more springtime light, it reminds us that summer is on the way. While some days still feel quite chilly, before long temperatures will be hovering in the 80s and the sun’s rays will intensify. Have you started to notice that certain rooms in your home are getting blasted with direct sunlight? These usually become off-limits in the summer because of frustrating heat, glare, and blinding light.

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Blackout solutions, like these gorgeous plantation shutters, put you in control of the light. A simple adjustment of the louvers allows for light blocking when you need it most. Then, when you’re ready to invite the sunshine, they easily adjust open for maximum light and view-through or tilt for directional light control.

blackout solutions St. Louis

Want even more control? Dual shading systems, like these, are ideal blackout solutions. You use a secondary blackout shade whenever you need it while enjoying light-filtering the rest of the time. And, since the blackout shade operates independently of the primary shading, you can really customize the way light enters your home. Tame glare, block light, and take in the view…you can have it all!


Evening Rays

How do you like to relax at the end of a long day? Maybe it’s enjoying a meal with your family, kicking back to watch your favorite show, or curling up with a bowl of popcorn for movie night. Chances are, it’s not getting blinded by the evening sun. But, this time of year, that’s exactly what happens.

blackout solutions St. Louis


Not anymore! Blackout solutions are here to bring real relaxation back into your life. Lower your shades part way to eliminate direct rays at the table or glare on your TV screen. Close off your windows completely for theater-style darkness. And when it’s time to tuck the kids in, relish the fact that they don’t say, “Bedtime?! But it’s not even dark yet!” Because, with blackout solutions in their bedrooms, it will be dark. So, so dark!


Blackout Solutions Are Here For You!

Are you ready to change your St. Louis area home and your life with blackout solutions? We are more than ready to help! Stop into our showroom to see all that’s possible. Or, invite us to your home for a FREE, in-home design consultation. We can chat about your unique windows and guide you toward blackout solutions that are just right for you. Contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply today!