Color Matching: Find Exactly What You Want.

Have you ever seen the perfect shade of color and knew instantly you had to have it? What if you found it, but just didn’t like what it was decorating? Don’t waste time and energy by settling for what you can find. You deserve to have the exact color you want. Chances are, if you aren’t happy, you’re just going to end up redoing it. Your friends at Flanagan Paint & Supply in the St Louis area have experts on staff that can help you by color matching paints and stains for your next project. See if you can relate to these color matching conundrums, and then come visit us to find exactly what you’ve been searching for!


Color Matching: Find just the right shade.

color matching inspirationIt’s your home. It’s your project. You want it to be perfect. Whether you are choosing colors for a whole home makeover, a dramatic accent wall or your new front door, you need the color to be just right. Visiting the paint section of a big box store can leave you reeling. How is it that there are SO many colors, and yet, not the exact shade you love? If you’ve been through this, you should know you’re not alone. With a little inspiration, we can help you find the exact shade you’ve been dreaming of. 

We love how the hand towels in this illuminating Santorini Blue by Benjamin Moore inspire the wall color. Refreshing and cool, this kitchen is well put together.


Color Matching: Coordinate your style.

coordinate bedding color matchingYou want your home to be put together with the perfect look. When you find pieces of decor you love, like upholstery fabrics and drapery panels, you want the results to be dynamic. You can’t settle for whatever you can find when it comes to paint. Bring your swatches of fabrics and inspirational pictures, and we will help replicate and coordinate your paint for the beautiful style your home deserves.

This custom bedding is inspiring for the foundation of this room. The Ashley Gray wall paint by Benjamin Moore brings a successful finish to this space.


Color Matching: Match wood stains.

paint stain color matchingDecorating your home can be a tricky process. You’ll want to make changes while you’re living there, and sometimes it’s not just the paints you’re altering. If you have areas of your home that you want to transform with the beauty of wood stains, you’ll want to take your time. Color matching stains can seem overwhelming if you don’t get expert advice. From finding the right stain to coordinate a new bookshelf, or extend existing flooring into other areas of your home, you need it to be right the first time.

Finding just the right shades to coordinate a room is a big job, but the results are stunning! The variation of neutral tones and browns in this space create the perfect look.


Color Matching: Achieve the perfect finish.

Have you fallen in love with a paint color, only to find out that the company offers that specific color in just two finishes? And of course, it’s not the one you need for your next project. Don’t get down about it! It’s time you came to visit the color matching experts at Flanagan Paint & Supply. We can take the swatch, help you decide which finish is right for you, and create a solution. Stop in for advice, ideas and inspiration to make your next project a success! Get started today!