Color of the Year 2017: Benjamin Moore’s Shadow

Benjamin Moore color of the year 2017

Have you been waiting like the rest of us? Finding yourself watching the color trends develop? We are thrilled to announce the Benjamin Moore color of the year 2017 is here! And, it’s name is as enchanting as the color itself. Shadow. A shade of purple that brings a cool, quiet presence while offering the design of your home incredible warmth with a bit of mystery and depth. The dusty, graceful look of Shadow, by Benjamin Moore, is a color that can accent in pops without being too bold. This purple hue offers peaceful meditation while also taking center stage for a one-of-a-kind design in your home. Are you ready to see what Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2017 can do to a room? Take a tour with us.


An Inviting Entry

entryway color of the year 2017

Shadow is a color that easily adds luster to the foundational assets of your home. While quiet and serene in nature, the way this exquisite shade of purple pairs with other colors is magnificent. Greens, blues and whites…it’s stellar design, coming together with distinct balance. That’s one of Shadow’s characteristics. The ability to ground elements of the room for just the right amount of color.


Sophisticated Elegance

bathroom color of the year 2017

One of the best reasons to use purple in home design? It sets the mood. It’s important to choose the shade of purple that appeals to your personal style. And then, watch as the space comes together. We love how elegant this bathroom looks–the perfect combination of Shadow, our color of the year 2017, and Simply White, last year’s color selection. The deep shade of purple offers sharp distinction as it highlights the architectural angles and unique shape of the space.


The Perfect Complement

dining room color of the year 2017

Our color of the year 2017 tells us something we already knew. With just the right balance, adding color is the ideal way to bring upscale design to your space. By using purple, you’ve brought color to the room, but it’s not overwhelming. The design elements of a room can speak volumes of trending accents, but without color, you may end up wanting more. Shades of purple instantly finish the space with high-end atmosphere.


Do You Love the Color of the Year 2017?

Mysterious, inviting, full of high-end design, Shadow is everything we want it to be! It’s such an exciting time in home design. Do you love the magical look of purple in home decor? Have you been wanting to incorporate a unique, yet sophisticated color scheme into your home? We’d love to help. Our design and paint experts at Flanagan Paint & Supply can offer advice and inspiration for your upcoming projects. Contact our team today!