Cover Sliding Glass Doors: Your Questions Answered

Cover Sliding Glass Doors St Louis

Spring has arrived, and summer will be here sooner than you know. Is it time to cover sliding glass doors in your home? Your outdoor space is going to be seeing lots of action in the coming weeks and months, and that means your sliding glass doors will be open–then closed, open–then closed. Between pets going in and out, kids coming in and out, and guests making their way in and out, it can feel like all you do is open and close the door sometimes. Do you have the right solutions in place? Sliding glass doors are just like large windows in your home; they let in natural light–which can be beautiful, but also overwhelming and uncomfortable at times. They provide a nice view out, but also a clear view in, and that can leave you feeling exposed. There are a number of reasons why you might need to cover sliding glass doors in your home. If you’re considering it, you probably have questions–just like so many of our clients. Here are answers and solutions to common questions we get when clients are planning to cover glass doors.


Don’t coverings get in the way?

One of the biggest concerns clients have when they need to cover sliding glass doors is how window treatments will affect the function of their doors. Since your sliding glass doors are often in constant use, there’s a real fear that blinds and shades will end up being more of a pain than a help. Trust us, with the right window treatments, there’s no need to fear. Operation is a cinch with cordless options–such as wand or guide rail control–that let you adjust your door shades with a simple push or pull. If you choose motorization, the ease and convenience you experience will be unmatched. At the touch of a button, you’ll have instant access to adjustments. Plus, all of these options are safe–safe for pets and for kids. Incredible function and peace of mind…it’s hard to beat that!


Cover Sliding Glass Doors roller shades panels

Will they fit in with my home’s style?

The short answer: yes! Not only will door shades fit into your home’s style, they’ll also do a lot to enhance it. The key is coordination. If you have windows in the same shared space as your sliding glass doors, coordinating the fabrics across all the window coverings will give you a gorgeous, designer look. Pairing different styles of shades, with matching fabrics, adds visual appeal and beautiful design. Some of our favorite combinations are Horizons’ Averte Natural Fold with Roman Shades and Graber’s Sliding Panels with roller shades or solar shades. Impeccable styling meets fabulous function for a result you’re bound to love.


What if I have French Doors? Will coverings still work?

Yes–you have your choice of coverings. Whether you are trying to cover sliding glass doors, french doors, or one single patio door, we have a wide range of solutions for your home. Like sliding doors, french doors must maintain the function you need to improve your lifestyle. Whether you love the look of shades or shutters, blinds or curtains, we’ll design a winning combination that’ll give you amazing design elements with incredible benefits.

Cover Sliding Glass Doors and french doors


What benefits do door coverings really provide?

When you cover sliding glass doors in your home, you instantly improve your lifestyle. Blinds and shades for your doors enable you to control the light entering your into home, and that’s a big deal for your indoor environment. When too much light streams in through the large panes on your sliding glass doors, it can cause frustrating glare and send the temperature in your rooms sky high. With the right window treatments, though, you experience a glowing atmosphere of filtered light and a comfortable temperature that’s easier to maintain. Not only that, but you protect your decor from fading and damage caused by UV rays, and you get options for privacy. Talk about benefits!


What do I do now that I’m ready to cover sliding glass doors?

If you’re ready to enjoy the function, convenience, and lifestyle benefits you receive when you cover sliding glass doors, we’re ready to help. Maybe you’ve been inspired and know exactly what you want, or maybe you have more questions. Either way, our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply is right here for you. With two showrooms in the St. Louis area, we’re right in your neighborhood. Stop in to see us, or let us come to you. We offer free, in-home consultations so you can shop in the comfort of your own home! Contact us to get started today!