Before and After: Decorating with Draperies

decorating with draperies st louis

Think back to the last room you redecorated in your home, the time you moved, or when you made a few simple changes to your decor. What made your space complete? Did you just have a feeling that it was finished? Well, decorating with draperies gives you the same feeling. Your windows can make or break your space. Are they bare? Do you have old, worn out window coverings? Once you find the right window treatments, your home will be transformed. Take it a step further and create an appealing look with custom draperies. Are you interested in decorating with draperies? Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this before and after drapery transformation, and let us help create a custom look for your home.


Before: It’s Missing Something…

decorating with draperies before and after

When you look at this room, what pops out? Is it the small pillow on the chair? Or, the bright flowers on the table? This room could use a touch of something else. It doesn’t feel finished. Take a look at the windows. They’re covered with Graber layered shades, a cross between fabric shades and horizontal blinds. The sheer fabric mixed with the woven bands creates a clean look, with soft illumination from the natural light. But, wouldn’t it be great to accentuate the windows so that they become the center of attention? Consider decorating with draperies…


After: Elegant and Stylish

decorating with draperies window treatments

If you’re not sure if you want to start decorating with draperies, take a look at this photo. Before, the room looked bare, like it was missing something. These draperies add the finishing touch to this space. They are the center of attention in this room, complementing the wooden table and the flowers’ gorgeous pop of color. Not only do they add beauty, but they also help to control your home’s temperature by keeping cold drafts and heat out. Picture draperies in your home. What color would you choose? Which fabric? Would you add fun embellishments? The options are endless; you can incorporate your favorite styles to create the perfect look for your home.


Decorating with Draperies: Make It Your Own

decorating with draperies custom window treatments

If you’re thinking about decorating with draperies, we don’t blame you! When you add drapery to your home, you add a touch of your personal style, as well as a popular, designer look. Draperies can add security to your home, help to insulate your windows, and create the finishing touch you’re looking for. Are you ready to start decorating with draperies? We’re ready to help. Contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply to get started.