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Style It Up with Shades of Red!

Intense, stunning…shades of red have always evoked an emotional response. And, as one of the boldest design statements you can make, the latest color announcement from Benjamin Moore does not disappoint. From energetic and fun, to powerful and adventurous, shades of red are capable of both timeless tradition and contemporary appeal. Benjamin Moore’s Color of […]

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Fall Style Trends: Invite the Beauty of Autumn

It’s that time of year again. The anticipation of cooler days and relaxing afternoons curled up with a blanket–does it get any better? It does! The new season also means that the fall style trends are in full effect. Want to usher in the beauty of autumn with finishing touches for your home? We have […]

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4 Rooms. White Paint. Simply Stunning.

Open. Refreshing. Crisp. The color white was chosen by many–across the fashion and design industries–as color of the year 2016. Have you tried it? The clean, organized backdrop of your home, in layers of beautiful whites–it’s simply striking. Far from keeping design out of a home, using white allows quite the opposite to occur. White […]

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Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been a staple in beautiful homes for centuries. Who doesn’t love their clean, classic lines and timeless charm? There’s no denying shutters are an elegant choice, but if you’ve been thinking about replacing your window coverings, you’ve probably got more than just beauty on your mind! Modern homeowners need smart solutions that […]

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Black Doors Boast Amazing Style

Looking to add contemporary style to your home? Make a bold statement that will set your home apart with black doors. Interior or exterior, black doors add an impressive feel–and who doesn’t want that? We have inspiration, paint recommendations and tips to get you started. Don’t forget that Flanagan Paint & Supply is your expert […]

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The Future is Now: PowerView Motorization

You’ve seen them – the articles and memes floating around the internet that remind us how many times The Jetson’s got it right. In this day and age, so many past predictions of the future have come true. The future is now, and it’s time for you to experience the intuitive technology of PowerView, the […]

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