A Guide to Wallpaper Removal

tips for wallpaper removal

Are you thinking about removing wallpaper? Are you afraid to try? Wallpaper removal can be tricky, but we’re here to help you! Whether you’re replacing old wallpaper or taking everything off, we have solutions for you. Take a look at common questions and solutions for simple wallpaper removal.


Can I Peel It Off?

The latest innovations in wallcoverings are making wallpaper removal an easy process. Many wallpapers today are printed on non-woven substrate, which has made it easier to hang and remove. Some older wallpapers are also peel-able and strippable. What does it mean to have peel-able wallpaper? All you have to do is pull at the edge to remove the decorative layer. It will come off in large sheets, leaving behind the plain wallpaper substrate. If you plan to hang new wallpaper, you can leave the substrate; if not, the substrate will need to be removed, too. Dry-strippable substrate can be easily pulled from the wall.


It’s Not Peel-able…Now What?

Some wallpapers, especially old wall coverings, aren’t peel-able or strippable. If this is the case in your home, consider another option for wallpaper removal. There are many chemical products to use, including gels, liquids, and ready-to-use products. Our team can help you find the best option for your home.


How Do I Remove Wallpaper With Chemicals?

1. Lay out a drop cloth to protect your floors.

2. Use a scoring tool to perforate the wallpaper. When used correctly, these tools won’t harm your wall–just don’t press too hard!

3. Follow the product instructions when applying the remover to your wall & wait the specified time.

4. Remove the wallpaper using a wallpaper scraper.

5. Continue to apply the product & scrape (see steps 3 & 4) until the wallpaper and paste residue is gone.

6. Using a sponge, clean your wall thoroughly.


Are There Any Other Options for Wallpaper Removal?

We understand that chemical products may not be ideal for you or your home. For a chemical-free process to wallpaper removal, consider using a wallpaper steamer. Steamers are great to use when removing multiple layers. In order to properly penetrate, you will need to pre-score the wallpaper. Always follow the instructions and make sure to wear protective gear. Manufacturers recommend turning off power to electrical outlets, as well as light switches surrounding the wallpaper, during the steaming process.


If you’re looking for wallpaper removal options, or have more questions, contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply. We’re happy to help!