How to Darken a Bedroom (Daylight Savings Time Strikes Again!)

darken a bedroom dual shades

It’s that time of year again. Yes, springtime has arrived, and we’re all very excited. But that’s not *exactly* what I’m talking about. It’s the time of year when Google comes close to breaking, as everyone searches the term, “how to darken a bedroom.” The realization came to me only days ago, as I was thrilled to still see daylight while cooking dinner. We just start enjoying the longer days, and the early evening light makes us feel energy after winter’s dreary days. And then, Daylight Savings Time is upon us. It’s the one day a year when the following day should be declared a national holiday–as if Monday could get worse. This next week is going to be tough. And, the week after that. And…well, you get the idea. Springing ahead. It’s not the jovial experience it sounds like. The only thought that saves me is that the bedrooms in our home are equipped with room-darkening and blackout solutions. Are you desperately seeking long-term ways to darken a bedroom in your home? Let us help…


Darken a Bedroom: Solutions for Your Home

At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we know the reality of having too much light in your bedroom. No one sleeps well. You spend the days groggy–and the nights leave you tossing and turning. Small children have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and they wake up far too early the next morning. If you’re looking to darken a bedroom in your home–or all of them, for that matter–we’ve got some great ideas and quality products to help you!


Room-darkening Curtains

We can customize your drapery panels so they are “hotel room dark” with liners that create a sanctuary of solitude. Close them at night–or in the middle of the day–for instant darkness.


The Layered Look

Design-savvy and ideal for adding levels of darkness, pair drapery panels with room-darkening shades. You can customize the light depending on your preferences for individual rooms, and those layers look beautiful in the space.

darken a bedroom layered shades drapery

Blackout Shades

Our custom window shades offer levels of room-darkening and blackout options. In a variety of styles, from roller and roman shades to honeycomb, we can design window coverings that will help lull you to sleep. The operating systems and style choices will fit your design and lifestyle preferences.

darken a bedroom blackout shades


Dual Functioning Shades

We have dual shade systems that can allow you to have both light-filtering and blackout shades on a shared headrail. Enjoy view-through opacity with soft light during the day, and then lower the second shade into place at night to create the right environment for sleep.

Let’s Get Started!

Don’t let the longer days of light get you down. It just means summer is on the way here in St Louis! Let’s find solutions that will help you darken a bedroom just in time for bedtime and keep the light out early in the morning. Contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply for a free, in-home consultation.