Living Room Blinds for Function & Style

Your living room is used as a main area for so many activities. A family movie night, gathering with friends on the weekend–perhaps even folding laundry. This means you need your living room to be functional, and it’s the perfect spot to show off your design style. The lighting will make or break your ambiance, which is why living room blinds are so important. Not only will blinds enhance your lifestyle, but they’ll add a beautiful backdrop to your space. Take a look at three different ways you can incorporate living room blinds into your home.


Simplistic Design

living room blinds graber

On their own, wood blinds create a clean, stunning look. The natural design brings style and charm to any room. Coordinated with furniture, like the room pictured here, the blinds complete the design. They look great, and they also add function because they’re natural insulators. Living room blinds allow you to have amazing light control, too, which means you can adjust the ambiance to your liking.

Soft Style

living room blinds and drapery

If you love to show off your personal style, incorporate different design elements, and enjoy textures, drapery panels would be a great addition to your living room blinds. You can choose from an endless amount of patterns, colors, hardware, and fabric types to create your own unique look. The fabrics add dimensions, and they soften your atmosphere. Not to mention, you get even more light and privacy control. Gorgeous style, amazing ambiance, incredible control…what more could you need?

The Finishing Touch

living room blinds design ideas

Do you like to create a polished look with the perfect finishing touches? Then, consider layering your living room blinds with drapery panels and a custom cornice board. This gorgeous combination will complete your living room design. Top treatments, like cornices, swags, valances, and cascades, add a classic look to your windows while incorporating your decorating style. They can even hide hardware and your blinds when they’re raised, creating a clean, wide-open appearance.

Customize Your Living Room Blinds

What’s your design style? Let your living room blinds show it off! Whether you love a clean & organized look, a design with layers & textures, finishing touches, or all of the above, we can help you create a gorgeous design for your living room windows. Let our team help you find window treatments that meet your design and life styles. Contact us at Flanagan Paint & Supply today!