Looking for TWP 101 Cedartone? We’ve Got It!

TWP 101 Cedartone St Louis

Have you looked outside lately?!? Spring is just around the corner! Are you starting to plan your upcoming projects? At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we are excited to offer the complete line of Total Wood Preservative…otherwise known as TWP. And, the popular vote is given to TWP 101 Cedartone. This stain is available for all of your upcoming, outdoor wood-preserving projects! Known in the industry for its fabulous reputation, TWP 101 Cedartone, is a great way to refresh, revitalize and preserve the exterior wood around your home. Take a look at the possibilities…


Total Wood Preservative: The Name Says It All!

deck stain St Louis TWP 101 CedartoneIf you’re searching for TWP 101 Cedartone, chances are, you’ve done your homework. TWP, otherwise known as Total Wood Preservative, is the industry leader in preservation of exterior wood. Outdoor projects are a huge investments in time, energy and money–why settle? TWP provides the exact solution you need to protect and preserve the exterior wood around your St Louis area home. Are you are planning to add wooden elements to the exterior of your home? You’ll want to start off with the right product. Maybe you want to add protection and beauty to the existing wooden exterior? TWP is exactly what you need. From picnic tables to playsets, and from decks to fences, TWP can protect and refurbish with ease.


The Benefits Go On and On…

wood playset stain TWP 101 CedartoneThe wear and tear that occurs to exterior wood surfaces during the four seasons we see here in St Louis can be frustrating. The benefits you receive from products in TWP’s lineup will ensure long-lasting durability for the exterior of your home. Decks, fences, wooden playsets, siding–all things worth protecting! And with TWP 101 Cedartone, you can beautify the exterior while providing vital safe-keeping. Are you worried about wood rot from moisture collecting? TWP repels water. Fading and UV damage? TWP preserves the wood with color retention. Are you stressed, thinking about the time and energy you’ll need to get the job done? TWP is known for easy application and maintenance.


TWP 101 Cedartone: Beautify & Protect

exterior wood stain TWP 101 CedartoneThe most popular product in exterior stain, TWP 101 Cedartone adds a beautiful tone to the exterior wood of your home. So, while you’re spending time and energy working to protect the exterior of your home, you’re also adding a gorgeous look to it as well. Not sure which formula will work for you next project? We can help! The experts at Flanagan Paint & Supply can guide you to the right deck stain, fence stain, or exterior wood preservative you’re searching for! Stop on in to one of our two locations–Soulard or West County–to pick some up in anticipation of your next spring project. Happy staining!