Natural Hues: Nature’s Influence on Home Decor

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Do you remember when Pantone revealed Greenery as its Color of the Year for 2017? The pronouncement of this “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade” spoke volumes to the emergence of a broader decorating trend: bringing nature inside. While natural hues are nothing new in home design, the specific palettes and ways they’re used are always changing. For instance, earth tones plastered homes in the 1970s, and the ’90s saw a surge of Caribbean-influenced colors. Both of these were inspired by nature, but the results were vastly different. This year’s colors are welcoming nature in versatile and sophisticated ways, and, from traditional to contemporary, they’re suited for every type of decor. Take a look…


Colors & Paint

Pantone isn’t the only one heralding yellow-greens as a major trend in home decor. The Color Marketing Group named colors for 2017 that also recall leafy, lush vegetation. Since gray is still enjoying immense favor in the design world, these bright yellow-greens add surprising zest to the year’s palette…as do some of the other natural hues that paint manufacturers are touting. Reminiscent of cloudless skies, sun-kissed gardens, and fading sunsets, the choice colors for 2017 are gorgeous, deep, and wonderfully optimistic.

Wallpaper & Fabrics

Like paints, wallpaper and fabric trends are featuring natural hues this year, but other aspects of the natural world are also playing a major role. Floral designs are huge right now–and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. While florals have always been popular in wallpaper and fabrics, today’s take on them offers a refined, updated look. State-of-the-art printing and weaving methods along with intricate designs create florals with incredibly sophisticated appeal. Organic materials and textures are also on-scene. Wallpaper is seeing a rise in the use or replication of cork, sisal, and grasscloth. And fabrics are boasting natural fibers or synthetics that mimic a natural look and feel.

Windows & Floors

Windows are a big part of bringing in the great outdoors, and their views of picturesque landscapes aren’t the only reason. Dressing them in ways that evoke the natural world forms a stylish backdrop that infuses nature seamlessly into home decor. Neutrals, especially ones that lean toward natural hues, are the favorites for draperies, shades, and mini-blinds. And the true influence of nature at the window is apparent with the continuing popularity of wood blinds, woven wood shades, and plantation shutters. Whether they’re faux or real doesn’t much matter today; the look is what counts. The same goes for flooring. Hardwood is coveted, but it can be hard to maintain. So, laminate flooring, vinyl tile, and even porcelain tile are being made to look like real wood. These options offer a designer appearance with minimal maintenance and a break for your wallet.


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