Paint Colors to Chase Away the Winter Blahs

Benjamin Moore paint colors

This time of year can be tough on the mood. Dreary skies, chilly weather, damp–or even worse, icy–roads, can make you feel like searching for a bright spot. How about adding paint colors to surround you with beauty and refreshment? With unpredictable and uncomfortable weather, this is the perfect time to use paint colors in your home to revitalize the look. We’ve found some mood-boosting hues for each room in your home! Take a look, and let that inspiration help you get started. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and your home will boast a positive, uplifting environment as we look towards springtime!


Bedroom Beauty

Master Bedroom

It’s where you start your day and end your day. It should always be a place of comfort. A bedroom with soft paint colors can allow you to relax and refresh yourself. Benjamin Moore paint in Woodlawn Blue does just that in this bedroom. A perfect combination of coordinated style and soothing hues, it’ll transform your mood and boost your energy.


Cozy Kitchen Nook

Bridge Street Residence Breakfast Nook

This breakfast nook features paint colors in subtle shades. With soft hues, you can coordinate while also allowing other colors to stand out in accent. This is a great way to change up and refresh the smaller accents decorating your home. Fresh flowers and artwork create both design and pops of color to brighten your mood and personalize the space. Benjamin Moore’s Northern Cliffs add foundation to the walls, while the–equally soothing–Wales Gray brings an element of unique design to the ceiling.


Bathroom  Sanctuary

Seaside Retreat

Speaking of beginning and ending your day in soothing luxury, your bathroom is a big influence! Choosing paint colors for your bathroom will allow you to set the perfect spa experience. Benjamin Moore’s Azure Water breathes life into this bathroom, reminiscent of the calm of the ocean. Feel like you’ve stepped into a resort each morning and evening, bringing a smile to your face and a peaceful feeling in your mind.


Crisp, Contemporary Hall


It’s dreary and overcast outside, but you’d be surprised how incredible shades of gray can be for your interior. Many shades of gray bring sharp contrast to the look of your home. Setting an awe-inspiring scene, Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal adds a bright look to this space with crisp design elements that contrast with the outline of white frames. This is a great time of year to go through your digital photos and find some favorites that you haven’t had the chance to print and frame. Talk about a project that will have you smiling from ear to ear!


Luxurious Living Room

Kitsilano New Build

Soft shades and the monochromatic decorating style of this living room add positive energy in this home with one of Benjamin Moore’s favorite paint colors, Balboa Mist. Shades of white throughout the space are anything but boring as the elegance of this living room brings chic appeal with a relaxed contemporary vibe. We love how the small accents of blue in the artwork and greenery placed around the room add a feeling of springtime rejuvenation.


Dynamic Dining Room

Moody Blues

If you’re planning to hibernate this winter, dressing up your dining room and inviting friends and family over is a great way to chase away the winter blahs. Benjamin Moore in Pashmina adds soft color to the walls, while the decor in rich blue brings depth and charm to the space. Choosing neutral paint colors for rooms in your home will let you feel a sense of renewed energy. Not only that, but the decor you choose will pair well with these softer colors–and you won’t feel like you have to repaint if your accent preferences change.


Paint Colors: Create a New Look to Refresh Your Spirit

It’s easy to feel down and out this time of year. But, we’ve got the perfect solution. When you add paint colors to your home, not only will you love the results, but you’ll feel good about your accomplishment. Do you love the Benjamin Moore paint colors we featured here? Stop on by one of our two locations to get samples, advice and all the supplies you’ll need for your next project! Your friends at Flanagan Paint & Supply are waiting to help you! Contact us with any questions you might have.