Specialty Tools for Painting, Wallpapering & A Job Well Done

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Have you ever struggled to paint a tight space or frantically fumbled through your tool chest in search of a screwdriver, utility knife, or something else you needed? If you want a decorating job done quickly and well, you have to have the right tools on hand. Specialty tools are time-savers and fatigue-reducers, and they help ensure quality results. So which ones do you need? Here are six specialty tools we recommend for your next project.


#1 Mini-Rollers

mini roller specialty tools for painting St LouisWhen you’re tackling a painting job, standard full-size brushes and rollers aren’t the only ways to get it done. Mini-rollers are incredible specialty tools for getting into tight spaces–like behind toilets, inside window frames, and above doorways. Commonly found in 4 ½- and 6-inch sizes, mini-rollers offer dexterity and greatly reduce hand-fatigue. Plus, they come in the same materials found on their 9-inch counterparts. So, if you use both kinds of rollers for your decorating project, you’ll achieve a uniform appearance.


#2 Short-Handled Paint Brushes

short handled paint brush specialty tools for painting St LouisShort-handled paint brushes are another way to work in compact spaces. These specialty tools are easy to maneuver in tight corners and inside cabinets. Another benefit? They weigh less than standard brushes. That means less strain on your hand and more smiles on your face.


#3 Multi-Tools

multi tool specialty tools for painting St LouisJust as versatile as their name suggests, multi-tools are the Swiss Army Knife of painting and home improvement tasks. Depending on the manufacturer, you can usually find them as six-in-one, nine-in-one, or even fifteen-in-one tools. Typically, they have a paint can opener, screwdriver, scraper, and spreader. In some cases, these specialty tools allow you to set and pull nails and clean paint rollers. The best part? Multi-tools are compact, so they take up minimal room in your tool box and are easy to carry in your pocket or hang from your tool belt. You’ll spend way less time looking for what you need and much more time actually working!


#4 Utility Knives

utility knife specialty tools for painting St LouisIf you’ve dabbled in the do-it-yourself world, you know the importance of having a sharp blade on-hand. It ensures clean cuts in a minimum of time. For that reason, utility knives with snap-off blades are essential specialty tools. They’ll make cutting wallpaper, masking paper, and other materials quick, easy, and precise. Some knives even have built-in compartments so you can safely dispose of used blades.


# 5 Brush and Roller Containers

ziploc bags paint brush coverMost of the time, decorating projects require spurts of working. Between drying times and family commitments, there are times you have to take breaks. Brush and roller containers are specialty tools that make it so easy to pick up where you left off. Simply store your wet brush or roller in a special airtight container. You’ll be able to resume your work without having to worry about stiff paint bristles or hardened roller nap. We always suggest using a gallon size ziploc bag…works like a charm, and there’s no need for anything fancy.


#6 Painting Kits

paint brush roller kit specialty tools for painting St LouisLooking for the greatest speed and efficiency for your next decorating project? Consider buying a kit that has all the tools you need to complete the task. Let’s say you’re going to embark on a traditional painting project. A typical kit would include a painting tray, tray liner, a full-size roller frame and cover, a mini-roller frame and cover, and a paintbrush. There are also specialty kits for a wide-range of projects: countertop painting, patina finishing, chalk furniture painting, and more. Kits like these ensure you have all the essentials and save money because you’re getting them at a single-unit price.


Need Specialty Tools?

specialty tools St LouisHaving the right tools for a decorating job really does make a major difference. With specialty tools on-hand, your project will go faster, easier, and look better in the end. We can help you find everything you need for your next decorating endeavor. From specialty tools and high-quality paints and stains to wallpaper and window treatments, we’re your one-stop decor shop in the St. Louis area! And, our design experts are always here to guide you with their knowledge and advice. Stop into our West County location. Or, contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply for a free, shop-at-home experience.