Style Alert: Cove Colors, Soothing Atmosphere

 newest design trend Cove

2017 is quickly approaching, which means the newest styles and design trends are, too. Have you heard about one of the new trends in color and decor? Well, picture this: you’re walking along the shore, your bare toes are in the warm sand, there’s a salty smell in the air, and the calmness of the beach envelops you. Do you want to bring this feeling into your home? With the newest design trend, Cove, you can! Embrace the beach and turn your home into a getaway. Take a look at some of our paint color ideas and find out how you can turn your home into a Cove.

Light, Airy Tones

newest design trend

The key to achieving the newest design trend, Cove, is to use a minimalist approach. The beach is beautiful because it offers divine natural elements, like the water and sand. This trend wants you to embrace simplicity to create a refreshing look. Search for colors like Benjamin Moore’s Iced Marble; the combination of gray and blue creates a relaxed, simple look–exactly what Cove is all about.


Incorporate Nature

newest design trend

Along with being minimalistic, the newest design trend embraces the natural elements you’d see if you were to step onto the beach. Consider incorporating raw textures and organic materials into your design. Unaltered wood, stone, or marble are features of Cove, along with beautiful sweeping curves, clean lines, and light tones. The cool, calming colors are sure to make your environment relaxed– much like this room, which features Benjamin Moore’s Saint Martin Sand.

Beach Inspired Decor

newest design trend

Does the idea of spending a week in a beach house make your heart flutter? With Cove, your home can become your getaway. The newest design trend is all about relaxation and reminding you that pleasures in life can be quite simple. If you love the water, sand, and sun, try finding beach inspired accents to place around your home. Seashells from a past vacation would look beautiful in a clear vase. A seahorse trinket can be placed on a bookshelf, giving you a subtle reminder of the sun and rippling waves. It’s easy to match with light tones, like Benjamin Moore’s Fieldstone. You can even add glamorous pieces, like the wall art pictured here, which can be a fabulous representation of sand.  

Cove: An Indoor Paradise

If you’re a beach person, you know the calmness that the ocean brings, the feeling of sand, and the warmth of the sun. You don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy this atmosphere. With the newest design trend, you can have a natural, soothing space all year long. Are you ready to create your Cove? Contact us today at Flanagan Paint & Supply to get started.