The Best Painter’s Tape on the Market–You’ve Got to Try It!

Best Painter's Tape Snot Tape

You’ve worked hard on your latest project–the prepping, the priming, the taping, the painting. The most frustrating part shouldn’t be the results. Have you experienced bleed through? You know what we’re talking about–painter’s tape that allows paint to seep through and create the unfinished edge you tried so hard to avoid–it’s maddening. It’s not your fault–you just didn’t know. Or should we say “it snot” your fault? It’s a play on words that couldn’t be more clever. ‘Snot Tape, as in “it’s not tape” is the stuff paint project dreams are made of! Innovative, legendary…it’s not tape! Yes, you read that right. The best painter’s tape on the market is not tape at all. And your friends at Flanagan Paint & Supply have this magic, just waiting for your next St. Louis painting project.


Best Painter's Tape Snot Tape Two Types‘Snot Tape: The results you deserve.

The best painter’s tape on the market is not tape. It’s a revolutionary product, ‘Snot Tape. That witty word play is not even the best thing about this stuff. It’s the results that make it a life-changing product. Remember all those hours of your life you spent taping, ever-so-carefully, for a beautiful finish? Remember the disappointment as you pulled off your painter’s tape? The rough edges–did you even use tape at all? Those days are over. With the best painter’s tape on the market, ‘Snot Tape, you’ll finally get the results you deserve.


Best Painter's Tape Snot Tape Create BarrierHow does it work?

Maybe we should start by telling you why most painter’s tape lets you down. It’s really not the tape’s fault–surfaces are imperfect, even in the smallest ways. No matter how firmly you press painter’s tape against the surface of your project, minuscule gaps allow *just enough* paint through to cause the bleeding and rough edges. ‘Snot Tape uses those same properties that once ruined the edges to create a barrier, blocking the paint from leaking. Gel fills in the teeny, tiny gaps, adhering to that imperfect surface. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out, creating the perfect line you’ve worked so hard for. There are two types of ‘Snot Tape, based on the surface you’re painting. We’d love to help you pick out the right one for your next project!


Want to see Snot Tape in action?

At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we’re all about making your life easier. When it comes to your next paint project, you deserve painter’s tape that will deliver the clean edge you’ll be working so hard to achieve. That’s why we’re suggesting one of our favorite products–the best painter’s tape, that’s not tape at all. ‘Snot Tape is the answer to your edging problems. Stop in to one of our two locations, or contact us for advice on your next project.