The Five Best Neutral Paint Colors

Best Neutral Paint Colors for your home

The wall color you choose for the background of your home will set the tone for decor and styling. Are you considering making a change to the foundational colors throughout your home, or a simple room makeover? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing, and our guide to the five best neutral paint colors is sure to help. From lighting to room location, we’ve got you covered with the most important points to consider as you select your new favorite shade!

Gorgeous Gray

Gray Best Neutral Paint ColorsIf you’ve fallen in love with the contemporary appeal of gray, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular neutrals–adding an air of chic sophistication that brings upscale design to any style. The range of grays available just adds to the allure of this color–it’s capable of showcasing subtle hues of every other color for a truly custom look in your home. It evokes an emotional response, as you can select grays that either cool down a space or warm it up, based on the hues within it. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter is the essence of this trait, coining the phrase “Greige” as the unique color that features a blended look of gray and beige.

Lovely Beige

Beige Best Neutral Paint ColorsStill considered one of the best neutral paint colors, beige walls easily warm up a home while coordinating well with the decor. Like gray, it’s a great choice when you want to feature the same color scheme throughout your home–it looks good in every space, but you’ll want to pay attention to the underlying hues. Beige can cast a range of warm colors in orange or yellow tones, all the way to the cooler shades that look more gray than brown. Lighting affects the look of your wall color. Of all the neutrals, beige is probably the one most influenced. A room with more artificial light will bring out the yellow tones in paint, where a room that brings in a lot of natural light may need a slightly darker version. The best way to see how your favorite neutral color looks is to paint small sample squares. Try it out, and you’ll know which shade fits your home the best.

Subtle Blue

Blue Best Neutral Paint ColorsTrendy, with a hint of classic styling, soft blues bring color to the space with quiet grace. The range of blues that are popular spans from bold and daring, all the way to soft and neutral. When considering blue as one of the best neutral paint colors, we tend to think of subtle softness. Darker blues, like navy or smokey turquoise, add gorgeous color to your room, but would be better as an accent wall for dramatic style. Size is important when considering colors for specific rooms in your home–especially an ‘all over’ shade of blue. Smaller rooms fair better with lighter hues, which tend to open the space, while larger rooms can feature darker tones.

Graceful Green

Green Best Neutral Paint ColorsSpeaking of color, choosing a foundation with a hint of green adds a unique look to you home with an incredible amount of design options! As one of the best neutral paint colors, the cool sophistication of green is one you’ll have to consider. Shades of green offer a versatility you can’t often get while also bringing color to the space–why does it work with green? Subtle greens whisper of nature and calm–it’s one of the reasons spas use greens and browns. Invoking calm and harmony, the beauty of green looks great, allowing you to bring in other design elements for a put together look.

Exquisite White

White Best Neutral Paint ColorsThe color of the year 2016, white has make a tremendous comeback as one of the best neutral paint colors. Why was it chosen? White gives any space a light, airy feeling–and the range of whites is as vast as all other color selections. Underlying tones can pull from any color family, so you’ll have to find your favorite. From the warm and cozy creams, to the invigoration of bright whites, your favorite shade reflects your personality as much as other elements of your decor. Thinking of adding color within an all white foundation? Painting other parts of your home has become a way for you to showcase your style, such as an accent wall–or an accent ceiling–in a darker hue. Painting your interior doors can add a pop of color, as well.

We’ve Got the Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Next Project!

Do you have a new color scheme in mind? Is it one of our five best neutral paint colors? We’d love to see what you’ve done in your home. Are you still in the process of deciding? We can help. From color selection and samples, to advice on the perfect finish for your walls and ceilings, our experts can guide you for the results you’ve been dreaming of in your St. Louis home. Contact our team, at Flanagan Paint & Supply today!