3 Benefits of Bathroom Shutters

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Designing your bathroom can be a tricky task. You want natural light, but you also need privacy. Not to mention, the moisture in the air from showering can make it difficult to find window treatments that last and provide the benefits you need. Bathroom shutters are a great choice for style and function. Take a look at the benefits of shutters.


Light Control

bathroom shutters light controlStarting your day with natural light can be refreshing! Do you spend most of your morning in the bathroom preparing for your day? It’s difficult to bring in the right amount of light without compromising your privacy. Well, bathroom shutters can make that easy! Shutters allow for directional light control, all with a simple adjustment of the louver. Angle it in the direction that gives you the amount of light and privacy you desire. The customized look will brighten up your space and prepare you for a great day!


Sharp Design

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The look of shutters is classic, and there is no doubt that bathroom shutters will create a sharp design in your space. But, when it comes to your bathroom, you need more than style; you need function and convenience. The louvers allow you to quickly adjust your privacy level. Let light stream through during the day, or close the louvers for complete privacy. Shutters are easy to use and easy to clean!  


No Issues

Amazing light control, customized privacy levels, and impeccable style…bathroom shutters are great for your home design, but what about the quality? You don’t want to worry about the bathroom moisture ruining your shutters. Our Graber Composite shutters are durable enough to use in areas with high-humidity. They are designed to not peel, fade, crack, or warp, so you can rest easy knowing your window treatments will last!


Bathroom Shutters: Experience the Beauty and Function!

There are some areas in your home that need certain window treatments that will withstand the environment. Bathroom shutters are a gorgeous, functional option for your space. Create a classic design while adding convenience to your daily routine. Incorporate window treatments into your design that will last. Let us help! Contact our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply for a free, in-home consultation.