Transform Your Ambiance With Sheer Window Treatments

Sheer Window Treatments St. Louis

Are you looking for ways to transform the light entering your windows while still protecting your privacy, maintaining your comfort and preserving your amazing outside view? Sheer window treatments may be the solution to all of your needs! We have an incredible array of sheers and shadings to choose from to enhance your home decor and create the perfect ambiance in any room. It’s the kind of atmosphere transformation you’ve been wanting for your St. Louis area home.


Sheer Window Treatments St. LouisSoften Harsh Sunlight

Do you love the warmth and texture that natural light brings to your home but wish you had a way to soften it a bit, without compromising your view of the outside world? Do you wish the light coming in from your windows had a little more glow and a little less glare? Our sheer window treatments can soften and diffuse incoming light, filtering out harmful UV rays, giving you that perfect balance while still preserving your view. No more harsh glares, no more frustration of trying to find the balance between too much sunlight and too little–just soft, warm, elegant ambiance.


Sheer Window Treatments St. LouisPrivacy Protection

One of the best features about our sheer window treatments, like Nantucket or Silhouette, is that when the soft fabric vanes are fully open you get a wonderful, softened view of the outside without compromising privacy. As long as the light on the outside is brighter than that on the inside, you can see out but you can’t see in! This will allow you to maximize the incoming daylight while preserving your view and maintaining your privacy! This reflective sheer backing also helps maintain a comfortable temperature, as the sheers reflect away the intensity of the sun’s rays. At night, simply close the vanes to both transform your atmosphere and increase your privacy…it’s the perfect solution to for your family’s comfort!


Sheer Window Treatments St. LouisRoom Transformation

Many of our sheer window treatments offer room darkening and blackout options, giving you the ability to transform any room from bright and cheerful to warm and comforting within seconds! These features are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and any multi-purpose rooms where light and privacy control is vital. Want to take a mid-day nap? No problem! Want to make sure that no outside light seeps in to disrupt your sleep at night? Who wouldn’t? With sheer shadings, you can turn your room into a warm and inviting sanctuary for sleep anytime you want, while still having all of the benefits of natural light at other times–all with the versatility of your sheer window treatments.


Sheer Window Treatments Deliver the Perfect Ambiance!

We have many different styles and fashions within our sheer window treatments collection and plenty of inspired design ideas to go along! It’s time your St. Louis home received a transformation. Contact our team, at Flanagan paint & Supply, today to schedule your free, in-home consultation. Let our design professionals give you the inspiration to get you started–from intense darkness to sheer elegance, we’ve got you covered!