What’s Hot in Neutrals? Go Greige.

Benjamin Moore Greige

Looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your home? We’ve chosen greige. Greige is the modern day balance of soft gray that picks up hints of beige for the ultimate in design versatility. Over the past few years, painting your home with gray has become a staple in home fashion. But, depending on the shade, the undertones can read blue, green, purple or brown. From those color combinations, greige was born, and it’s quickly become one of the best neutral paint colors to use as your home’s foundation. However, even within the category of greige, there’s a vast difference in how it can appear once it’s on your walls. We’ll take you on a tour of some of our favorite greige paint colors from Benjamin Moore, offer decorating tips and highlight some important factors to consider when choosing your perfect shade. Let’s go greige!


Revere Pewter

Honore-Transitional Dining Room

It’s no secret that Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter is one of the most popular paint colors on the market. And, given the sheer beauty of this space, you can definitely see why. While this shade of greige offers contemporary appeal, there’s also an element of organic warmth in the space. The neutral color scheme is carried throughout the space, contrasted simply with the wooden trimmed accents. The understated elegance of this room is spoken through the fabrics and textures chosen for the design elements, and we love how the subtle greige foundation just sits back and lets the room come together.



Personal Home Tour

This choice of greige is soft and illuminating. But, more than that, greige responds to light. What looks a certain way in your friend’s home may not look the same in yours. And, it can even vary from room to room in your own home. Why? The source of light influences the undertones. Sunshine entering will lighten the color of the space, where rooms that have little to no outside light coming in may appear darker.


La Paloma Gray

Park Hill Renovation

Take a moment to look at your lighting. The tint of the lighting plays a role in the mood of the space, but also the color scheme. When it comes to artificial lighting, pay attention to whether the light shines yellow or blue. Yellow will bring out the beige undertones, and blue may make the gray paint seem purple. This is why it’s important to try out paints in your home to find what works in the individual spaces. When it comes down to artificial lighting, you may also decide to change the bulbs to fit the color scheme.


Winter Gates

Minnesota Residence

The best part about using greige is the chameleon effect you get. It really can be your own unique look based on your home’s lighting, your coordinated finishes and the accent colors you choose. Greige seems to add versatility to decor, allowing you to choose your favorite accents–from the bright colors of spring’s palette, to subtle pastels, or even bold autumn tones.


Ready to Go Greige?

We’d love to help you find your perfect greige. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, our color and paint experts are here to help. Whether you need to select samples to try, or if you need advice and tips for your painting project, stop on by! We carry the full line of Benjamin Moore paints to help you make your home all it can be! Contact our team to get started today.