What’s Your Roman Shade Style?

roman shade style

If I peeked in your closet, what would I find? The newest fashions? Classic chic pieces? Chiffon, silk, and lace? The clothes you wear reflect aspects of who you are and what you love. They make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and 100% you. But what about your home? Does it speak to your personal style? Dressing your home with furniture, accents, and window coverings that resonate with your personality will make it a place you adore. Need some inspiration for your windows? Roman shades are ideal for all kinds of personalities because they come in such varied designs. Whether you prefer flowing elegance or sleek sophistication, there’s a roman shade style that’s just right for you. Try some of these on for size…


roman shade style

Completely Classic

When you think of roman shades, this is probably the first image that comes to mind. Smooth, flat fabric gracefully covers the window while neat folds gather as you raise the shades. Timeless and oh-so-beautiful, this roman shade style works perfectly with plain or patterned fabrics, and a coordinating top treatment will impeccably complete the look. If you’re drawn to clean lines, but also favor a bit of softness, this roman shade style will be right up your alley!

roman shade style

Totally Trendy

If you love to stay abreast of the latest trends and update your decor as interior design evolves, then contemporary hobbled roman shades could be your next favorite look. Delicate folds cascade down the face of the fabric like a waterfall. Soft and gorgeous, this roman shade style is sure to make a statement. Adding dimension and an up-to-date atmosphere, hobbled roman shades will always be a style you love in your home!

roman shade style

Optimally Organized

For a neat and tidy roman shade style, ribbed pleat or knife pleat shades reign supreme. Featuring decorative horizontal seams that add structure and clean lines, they exude a sense of organization. If you’re one of those people that have a place for everything and have everything in its place, then this style is for you! Whether you keep it simple with a plain fabric or add a touch of flair with an ordered or playful pattern, this roman shade style will create a stunning, put-together look.

roman shade style

Lavishly Luxurious

Soft and flowing, gently draping, beauty at its finest…relaxed roman shades are the epitome of luxury. If you adore everything soft and pretty, look no further than this roman shade style for your home. Free of pleats and seams, relaxed roman shades allow you to showcase gorgeous patterns and sumptuous materials. Their delicate “smile” at the bottom adds subtle cheer and a designer look. Decorative details–like fringe, gimp, beads, and tassel trimmings–will polish off the breathtaking beauty of your shades and your home.

A Roman Shade Style Just For You

Did you find a roman shade style that fits you perfectly? Would you like to see more options? Whether you’re ready to get started or need more inspiration, our design team is here to help. Come visit us to see all the possibilities for window treatment styles, fabrics, and features that’ll show off your personality in your home. Or, let us come to you! Contact Flanagan Paint & Supply for a free, shop-at-home experience today!