White Decor: 4 Tips for a Refreshingly Beautiful Look

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Are you ready to enliven your home with a bright, fresh look? White decor is perfect for adding upscale design and sophisticated style. It illuminates spaces and makes them feel refreshingly peaceful. But, for many, the thought of decorating with white strikes a chord of fear. What if it turns out sterile and boring? Well, we’re here to put your fears to rest. There are many ways to ensure that white decor transforms a room into a beautifully comfortable haven that also appeals to the eyes. Take a look at our tips for creating a white-done-right look in your very own home.


white decor1. Choose the Right White

When you think of white, you probably envision the snowy, stark color of a blank sheet of paper. But white is so much more than just that one shade. It has a range of colors produced by different undertones. Hints of yellow make it creamy, whereas tinges of blue make it frosty. The undertones in a white really matter for its overall look in a room–especially when it comes to lighting. If you’re searching for a white that’ll work best in a room that sees a lot of natural light, choose one with a cool undertone. Sunshine has a way of making a space look warmer, so the coolness of your white decor will bring harmonious balance. Conversely, if your room is lit with LEDs or fluorescent lights, then warmer undertones will add much needed coziness.


white decor blinds2. Play with Contrast

White decor is perfect for playing with contrast. Shades of white pair stunningly with other colors–which means coordinating and making a statement are easy. Coupling white with light colors–such as pastels, grays, or beiges–adds elegant charm while keeping the look soft. Bright, bold colors, on the other hand, will stand out in striking beauty. And, the timeless pairing of black and white is always on-trend. Metallic finishes are another gorgeous way to introduce contrast within white decor. Their shine and hues play off the illuminating quality of white for an exquisite effect.


white decor3. Vary the Textures

Incorporating different textures is one of the most important aspects of designing with white decor. Varying the textures within your space adds visual interest and appeals to the senses–which keeps the room from looking clinical and flat. It also speaks volumes to your personal style. A shag area rug, plush pillows, and flowing draperies or waterfalling roman shades will create an atmosphere of soft, relaxed comfort. If you lean more toward sleek design, go for low-profile and high gloss accents and furniture. The organized look of dimensional tile and crisp, white shutters are also great picks for captivating the eye.


white decor collection4. Assemble a Collection

Decorating with a collection of items is a great way to make your decor meaningful and to put your personal story and interests on display. Using a single color throughout the collection brings unity and ensures that everything will coordinate. White is a perfect choice because it appears ordered and clean. So where do you begin? Start by choosing an item that comes in varying heights and widths. This will create dimension for a stylish look. Group the pieces together, and stick with odd numbers for a better overall aesthetic. As you arrange your white decor collection, work toward creating a balance that pleases the eye.


White Decor & More for Your Home

You deserve a beautiful look in your home. White decor can deliver designer styling and an incredible look and feel throughout your spaces. Our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply is here to help you achieve beauty in your home. Our experts can guide you toward the right white paint for any room and help you with window coverings and custom home products–like bedding, draperies, and wallpaper. We’re also here to upgrade your lifestyle. We understand that function is just as important as fashion. So, come visit us at our West County showroom, or invite us into your home for a free, in-home consultation. Let’s get started today!