Work from Home? Gorgeous Home Office Design Ideas

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Working from home can sound like a relaxing, stress-free situation. Do you work from home? If so, you’re probably in on the secret: Working from home carries its own struggles. While you can exclusively avoid time in the car, what you can’t avoid is the mounting tasks around the house that you don’t have time to do. At least going to the office takes you away for the day. At home, you’re surrounding by mounting laundry and a sink full of dishes. You look around and feel as if you’re always a day late and dollar short. Want some solutions to the work from home woes? Improve your situation with these home office design ideas that will increase productivity and boost your mood! We love the striking look of this red accent wall in Hot Apple Spice by Benjamin Moore.


Make Space & Time for Them.

Westchester Colonial
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If you have small children? Working from home can sometimes invite them in throughout the day–awwww, what’s sweeter than that?–but it can leave you feeling distracted and guilt-ridden. You can’t have your children continually interrupting your day, but you can make them–and yourself–feel better about the time you have together. Schedule time to eat lunch with them. You’ll be able to spend a bit of quality time without disrupting your work concentration, and you’ll feel connected to them with a visit halfway through the day. Do they have a space in your office for their own creative work? Sometimes providing them with a small area in your home office design will encourage them to work side-by-side with you on their own quiet task like coloring or Play Doh play. It’s worth a try! The richness of the wall in this space, Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Floor, speaks volumes of stunning sophistication. Dark wall colors work well in larger spaces with a lot of natural light entering.


Close Up Shop.

Mill Valley, CA

Working from home also carries the burden of feeling as if you’re always at work. Your computer stares at you into the late evening begging you to get just one more thing done to get ahead before morning. When you work from home, it’s a skill to leave all of it behind once 5:30 comes along. Consider adding a set of french doors–the glass will let you feel like you’re not closed off during the day, but by closing the doors, you can put a barrier between yourself and work. Adding interior window coverings can help you adjust the atmosphere, as well. Roller shades and roman shades are a great choice for interior french doors. It’s privacy and boundaries when you need them, and an open view when you don’t. This home office design includes soothing brown walls in Benjamin Moore Paint in Woodcliff Lake for a gorgeous statement.


Find Your Happy Place.

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Working from home also means the stress can easily stay with you. It may be plaguing you and your relationships with your family. One way to combat stress is to choose a home office design with colors and decor that invite peace and calm. It can help your stress stay to a minimum. It will also give you a beautiful space where you can work every day. Other strategies for daily stress relief would be to create a peaceful environment for yourself within the space. Playing soft music may help you cope. A diffuser with an aroma of lavender will help melt away the stress of the day. Speaking of lavender–this paint color by Benjamin Moore, Lavender Mist, provides a soft look for your home office while adding just the right amount of color. Adding the right window coverings to windows can transform a space, as well. See the dramatic change in one of our recent articles.


Focus on Organization.

East Denver Residence

Because you never truly leave your workspace, working from home has unique challenges. Items from home easily find their way in, personal mail and other paperwork will inevitably enter the space–even dishes from that conference call that you had over lunch may start to pile up. Organization is key to your home office design. Keep a large decorative basket by the door for clutter that doesn’t belong. That way, during a quick cleanup, you’ll have a place to put things. Later, you can easily transport that stuff back to where it belongs. Create storage and organization based on your actual needs, keeping in mind that personal paperwork, mail and other office items need a designated area. You’ll need to keep them separate from your workplace. This Tuscan Teal wall color by Benjamin Moore easily allows the other design elements of the space to stand out, while providing rich design for the background of the room.


Need Home Office Design Ideas?

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