Woven Shades: Inspired by Nature

vertical woven shades

We’ve had some gorgeous spring weather recently–doesn’t it make you want to get outdoors and enjoy nature? As excited as we are for fresh air and sunshine, we also know that springtime brings its own challenges. The rainy days, muddy ground and chilly winds keep us indoors. Want to capture the refreshing spring light while surrounded by natural elements? Consider using nature as an inspiration for your decor. Woven shades can the be the ideal design element to bring in earthy tones while solving some of springtime’s biggest issues.


Enjoy Your Landscape–Even on Rainy Days!

natural woven shades Now that springtime is here, you should be able to enjoy the beautiful views just beyond your windows. Blossoming trees, blooming flowers, and backyard wildlife are just some of the wonders of the outdoors. Don’t let drizzly days deter you and your family from this experience. Woven shades add elements of nature to the decor of your home, made of reeds and grasses. The materials complement the look of your decor, bringing natural elements to coordinate the whole space.


Enjoy the Refreshing Light–But Not Too Much.

breakfast nook woven shades Not only stylish, but woven shades add soft, filtered light to the atmosphere. All of that refreshing sunshine is beautiful–but make sure you harness the beauty of gentle rays, not frustrating glare and direct heat. With simple operation, your woven shades adjust with ease, providing the perfect setting with the right kind of solutions for your home. Bring nature in–with all of your personal preferences in mind.


Bring Function to Your Doors–It’s a High Traffic Area.

vertical woven shades top treatmentThe allure of the outdoors increases foot traffic in and out of your home during this time of year. Your doors can be a gorgeous backdrop in your home, but you also need light control and privacy, so decorate them with solutions that also use inspiration from nature. Woven shades will function easily when your family–and pets–are continuously going in and out. Bringing a beautiful look to your doors, while the function of the shades will be just the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s a win-win!


Woven Shades: Beauty, Function & Solutions!

Woven shades add the perfect natural elements to your home. You’ll have fun selecting the materials that will complement and coordinate, and we can help you solve your trickiest home issues. You can have the privacy you need with simplistic operation. We can help you select the materials to stop the direct light before it enters. And, you can still enjoy your view while controlling the light with the right shades. Reach out to our team at Flanagan Paint & Supply for your next project. We’ll be happy to help you get started!