Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint and Stain

Exterior Paint

Painting the exterior of your home is an often-overlooked part of home maintenance. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we want to ensure you don't forget that the outside of your home is likely its most-viewed side. We carry a vast selection of top-quality exterior paints from brands like Benjamin Moore.

Painting the exterior of your home is an often-overlooked part of home maintenance. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we want to ensure you don't forget that the outside of your home is likely its most-viewed side. We carry a vast selection of top-quality exterior paints from brands like Benjamin Moore.

Benefits of Exterior Paint

There are many reasons refreshing your exterior paint can benefit your home:

  • Increase Curb Appeal: This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a new coat of paint. Changing your exterior house colors can completely refresh the look of your home.
  • Protection From Nature: The natural world can be harsh on your home. Wind, rain, sleet, snow, pests, and insects can cause potentially costly damage. A coat of high-quality exterior paint can not only provide a protective shield against the elements, but it can stop an infestation in its tracks. This can help save your property from expensive foundational repairs.
  • Increased Lifespan: A fresh coat of paint can help combat everyday wear and tear on your siding and increase its lifespan.
  • Higher Property Value: Studies show that a new coat of exterior paint can increase your property value by up to 5%. If you are trying to sell your home, a fresh coat of paint can help bring in offers.
  • Small Cost: One of the best things about house paint is you can make a significant change for a small cost. Exterior paint is a budget-friendly way to refresh and renew your home.
  • Set A Mood: Color psychology has long shown that different hues affect your mood. White exteriors naturally create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, while gray paint gives an effect of elegance and style. If you want to change your property's energy, repainting the exterior is a great first step.

What Finish To Use

Different finishes are better for different surfaces, which is why our paints come in various finish options.

  • Wood Siding: Flat finishes are great for wood siding, especially in older homes. Flat paint hides imperfections very well and can create a smooth look for your walls.
  • Hardie Plank or Vinyl Siding: You can use a flat finish on these, but eggshell or low luster provides nice coverage and is much easier to clean. They can also hide some imperfections to create a clean look.
    Brick and Masonry: Satin or low luster finish works great for masonry. It provides excellent coverage for the porous surface of the brick and is easy to hose down.
  • Trim Areas: For eaves, soffits, overhangs, window sills, and door frames, satin or semi-gloss are great options. Satin is less reflective and gives a softer look, while semi-gloss is better for withstanding moisture.
  • Door: When choosing front or garage door paint, you can use low luster, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss paints. Remember that the glossier the color is, the more imperfections will stand out, but glossier paint is also easier to clean. That is why high-gloss is excellent for things that are touched regularly.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints

Each line of paint from Benjamin Moore is designed with durability and quality in mind. Our paint store offers competitive prices so that you can finish your project without breaking the bank.

Aura® Exterior Paint features Benjamin Moore’s Color Lock Technology for superior fade resistance. This allows for better color matching, which can be important if your HOA requires specific color palettes. Aura® is also known for its outstanding durability and mold and mildew-resistant formula. Aura® is considered one of the best exterior paints on the market. You can choose from flat, low lustre, satin, or semi-gloss finishes.

Aura® Exterior Paint from Benjamin Moore at Flanagan Paint & Supply
Regal® Select Exterior from Benjamin Moore at Flanagan Paint & Supply

Regal® Select Exterior is best known for its superior adhesion. This makes it great for any exterior surface, including aluminum siding, cinder block, and primed metal. This paint has excellent leveling and flows to allow for easy application. You can choose from flat, low lustre, or soft-gloss finishes.

Ben® Exterior Paint is best known for its affordability and versatility. This user-friendly paint is easy to apply and resists exposure to rain within 120 minutes of the first coat. This makes it a great choice for DIY use. You can choose from flat, low lustre, or semi-gloss finishes.

Ben® Exterior Paint from Benjamin Moore at Flanagan Paint & Supply

Other Paint Brands

In addition to Benjamin Moore exterior paints, we carry paints from other top-quality brands. So if you are looking for exterior house colors, front door colors, wood stains, or brick paint, check out our selection. We carry AllPro Corporation, Rustoleum Industrial Brands, Mohawk Finishing Products, Romabio, Centurion™ Premium Industrial Wood Coatings, UGL®, Zar®, Gemini, TWP, Absolute Coatings Inc., Armstrong Clark, PPG, Ready Seal, and Richards Paint.

Exterior Stain

Wooden features, like fences or decks, can be a functional and eye-catching outdoor feature of your home or backyard. However, outdoor wooden structures are typically exposed to natural elements like heat, rain, and sunshine; therefore, they must be protected to maintain their craftsmanship, appearance, and functionality. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, our talented team can work with you to supply you with high-quality exterior stains that can protect any wood structure or ongoing project you have in your outdoor space.

Purpose of Exterior Stain

Purchasing an exterior stain for your outdoor wooden features may seem like an extra step in your home maintenance process, but the benefits of these products will be well worth the time and money spent.

Increased Protection

Wooden features in your yard are often exposed to the elements and can be damaged by rain, wind, and even sun exposure. To prevent irreversible damage, exterior stains protect the wood from moisture, mold, mildew, and UV rays. Additionally, exterior stains tend to expand and contract with wood more than paint, allowing them to endure changing weather better.

Gorgeous deck with Benjamin Moore stains looking out at back yard.

Enhanced Beauty

Exterior wood stains bring out the natural beauty of wood to give your fence, deck, or door a beautiful look. Benjamin Moore wood stains are particularly potent at accentuating the natural aspects of wood.

Less Maintenance

When applied correctly, an exterior stain can extend the life of your wood or the paint underneath. Many exterior stains recommend a light cleaning and a recoat every 3-4 years, depending on the brand and if the surface is horizontal or vertical.


Exterior wood stains can be transparent or have slight color pigments to give your wood features a different appearance.

Benjamin Moore Ready Seal® Exterior Stain

Flanagan Paint & Supply proudly carries Ready Seal® Exterior Stain by Benjamin Moore. Ready Seal® is a professional-grade exterior wood stain and sealant in one, containing all the essential elements for a quality coating and Benjamin Moore finish on your exterior wood projects.

In addition to being both a stain and sealant in one product, Ready Seal® does not require any additional preparation work, such as priming your surface or diluting the product before application, yet will still prevent any lap marks from appearing after application. Ready Seal® can also be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto your wood surfaces at any temperature so that you can apply it in a way and at a time that is comfortable and hassle-free for you.

Check out our selection of exterior stains from Benjamin Moore!

Tips for Applying Exterior Stain

Our Flanagan Paint & Supply team is happy to help set our customers up for success when it comes to applying their paints and stains, but there are some great tips for anyone looking to apply an exterior stain to a wood feature in their yard.

  1. Before you start, be sure the surface is free of mildew, dust, dirt, oil, and grease.
  2. Wood must be completely dry before you begin the staining process.
    You do not need to sand the wood before staining; this can make it more difficult for stains to penetrate the wood.
  3. Cover all nearby plants and vegetation before beginning, especially if you will be applying with a spraying method.
  4. Exterior stains such as Benjamin Moore's Ready Seal® will penetrate any porous surface, so take precautions about stone or concrete.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint/Stain and You

If you want to seal your deck, paint your siding, or increase your home's curb appeal, visit us at Flanagan Paint & Supply. In addition to Benjamin Moore paints and stains, we offer wall coverings, window treatments, customized closets, and flooring. Contact us today to talk to a team member about your exterior stain needs.

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